Unnecessary CGI Special Effects

In recent years, there’s been a lot of backlash against CGI visual effects as movie studios rely on them more and more instead of practical set pieces, models and make-up effects (mostly because there’s some pretty terrible visual effects out there). We’ve already highlighted a thoughtful look at how CGI effects are actually great when not relied upon too heavily and blend seamlessly with practical filmmaking techniques.

But sometimes CGI special effects are just downright unnecessary and baffling, and the folks at Dorkly have assembled a short list of five of the most unnecessary CGI special effects, but beware of some brief NSFW nudity. Somehow one of the Star Wars prequels only appeared on the list once. Read More »


Mike from Red Letter Media (AKA the guy who put together the epic, 70-minute review of The Phantom Menace) is back again with his even epic-er review of Attack of the Clones. This time, seven Youtube videos were insufficient to contain the hatred, so Mike spread out a 90-minute review over nine Youtube videos. See them all after the break, and let the hate flow through you.
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New Documentary: The People Vs. George Lucas


So, there’s a new documentary in the works set for a 2009 release entitled The People vs. George Lucas and the filmmakers are currently looking for Star Wars fans to submit interviews confessing their feelings on the man and his ever expanding universe. And judging by the rather ballsy title, it will focus on burn victims, of the lightsaber variety. Let’s all shake a fist at the prequels, shall we? If you’re interested in participating, look here.

With the recent announcement that the computer-animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars is going theatrical on August 15th, and the recent Indy trailer, this is a good time to open up the comments on the subject here on the Slash. Do you look forward to further developments in the Star Wars saga or do they induce fear and loathing? If you could choose to live in this universe or the Star Wars-verse, which pill would you take? Do you find that Space Balls gets better with age, and should there be a sequel and what should it be titled (be nice)? What’s your opinion of such a documentary and is it justified? Lastly, what do you think George Lucas thinks of his fans?

The original films are eternal, cinematic treasures. No question. And I remember walking out of Episode II half-way through in disgust (again, disgust episode two), and I remember staring at its lush final box office receipts with a crazy eye. If that movie was set on a stage like Lars von Trier’s Dogville (and in a way, it was) I still think it would have grossed similarly intergalactic boffo numbers. The prequels are not movies in my mind, they are comparable to Microsoft Windows. But that’s just my confession, what’s yours?

View the teaser poster to TPVGL after the jump…

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I wonder if George Lucas has one of those Paint the Earth signs hanging on the walls of his mansions like in The Real World 3 (or was it 2?). USA Today has scored a somewhat muddy first look at what Anakin Skywalker aka Young Darth will look like in the upcoming Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the new 3-D computer-animated flick officially set to open in theaters domestically on August 15th, thus kicking off the new, same-named computer-animated television series that will air on Cartoon Network (a la the rather awesome, hand drawn Clone Wars animated miniseries) and on TNT. Hi synergy, my name is Hunter, you are making me tired.

In a surprising detail, Lucasfilm has teamed up with Warner Bros. to release Star Wars: The Clone Wars theatrically, on television and on DVD. This marks the first time 20th Century Fox won’t be handling a theatrical Star Wars release. The film’s events are said to take place between Episode II – Attack of the Clones and Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. That’s funny, it takes place right around when I decided the ’99-’05 trilogy was a travesty.

The character to the left of Anakin is Ahsoka, his Jedi apprentice, who oddly didn’t appear in character or dialogue in the prior films and looks like the creation of a 50-cent avatar machine.

Source Link: Variety