The Expendables 4

Despite The Expendables 3‘s underwhelming box-office performance in the States, this franchise isn’t dead yet. They can’t seem to get these movies right, but that’s not stopping Sylvester Stallone (Antz) and all involved from making Expendables 4. Learn more about the sequel after the jump.

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After last year’s intense bidding war over the rights, plus the recent announcement that Arnold Schwarzenegger is getting back into acting, Deadline is now reporting that Hollywood is once again seriously interested in the Terminator franchise. Leading the charge, apparently, is Universal who would reportedly like to pair Fast Five director Justin Lin and screenwriter Chris Morgan with the world first created by James Cameron. Lin and Morgan raked in the dough for the studio with Fast and Furious and Morgan additionally wrote both Wanted and the upcoming 47 Ronin for them. It seems like Universal is very happy with Fast Five and would like to keep the pair around. Going cyborg might do the trick. Read more after the break. Read More »

Since summer/fall, rumors have persisted that Arnold Schwarzeneggar will appear in Terminator Salvation in some form. Fan site The Arnold Fans (via moviehole) recently spoke with the governor himself about these possibilities. When asked about whether or not he would appear in T4, the site had this to say:

Governor Arnold, perhaps under restraints by McG and the film studio, answers only with the body language and a smile of “You never know.” Should we take that as a yes? The tease was promising but it’s too soon to get an official answer.

This non-denial seems to corroborate previous stories about how McG is trying to use technology to digitally graft Arnold’s face onto the T800 in the film.

I’m typically not the type of person that sees much value in these sorts of cameos. I’m a Trek fan and although it warmed my heart  that Leonard Nimoy would be making in appearance in JJ Abram’s new film, I wasn’t terribly elated about it. I think that when you’re taking a series in a whole new direction, you might as well focus on new and exciting story/characters, rather than being tied to the old.

That being said, I would actually push for an Arnold appearance in the new Terminator film. The Terminator is one of the films that made Schwarzeneggar’s career, and it’s what he became synonymous with in the 1990s. It feels like for the huge directional shift they are taking for this franchise, a Schwarzennegar cameo would help to tie everything together. However, if the technology they are trying to use isn’t completely seamless (and according to reports, it might not be there yet), it has the potential to be something that dramatically detracts from the film, rather than adds to it.