The cast for Seth Rogen‘s raunchy mall cop comedy, Observe and Report, has rounded out with a supporting cast that includes the ever glowin’ Anna Farris (Smiley Face, Scary Movie), Ray Liotta, Michael Pena (Lions for Lambs) and Jesse Plemons (cult fave on TV’s Friday Night Lights). While the mall cop premise sounds a little too ’00 Adam Sandler for comfort, Slashfilm is already anticipating the Warner Bros. flick due to the involvement of writer/director Jody Hill, who made The Fist Foot Way.

In the film’s mall-verse, Farris will play a salesgirl whom Rogen’s egomaniacal mall security d-bag has the hots for, Pena will play Rogen’s security sidekick, and Liotta will play an actual police detective who faces off with Rogen. No word on whether Rogen and Farris will share a joint on screen, but I hope the House Bunny star isn’t drowned in a starry-eyed subplot, because she’s far sexier playing the aloof goof.