possessor trailer uncut

Possessor, an ultra-violent mind-fuck of a film, is almost ready to unleash its jarring horrors upon the world. Brandon Cronenberg‘s visceral nightmare is kind of like Inception meets Videodrome, and if that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what else to tell you. Andrea Riseborough plays a corporate assassin who has the ability to upload her consciousness into other people, and then use those people as pawns to pull off her murders. But when her latest host finds ways to resist her control, things get complicated. And bloody. Watch the Possessor trailer below.

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possessor trailer

This is going to sound like hyperbole, but I’m going for it: you’re not ready for Possessor. I caught Brandon Cronenberg‘s ultra-violent nightmare at Sundance earlier this year, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it ever since. It’s brutal, it’s horrifying, it’s truly unique. The name “Cronenberg” immediately lends itself to body horror thanks to Brandon’s famous filmmaker father. And while some will no doubt draw connections between this and the elder Cronenberg’s work, it’s a much different experience. In Possessor, Andrea Riseborough plays a woman who gets inside people’s heads – literally. Watch the Possessor trailer below.

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Alpha Gang

Alpha Gang, a new sci-fi comedy from sibling directing team David and Nathan Zellner, has put together a ridiculously good looking cast. Andrea Riseborough, Jon Hamm, Nicholas Hoult, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Mackenzie Davis, Sofia Boutella, and Steven Yeun are all set to star in the film, which is about aliens who come to conquer the planet, only to have a change of heart.

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possessor review

Bathed in blood and gore and unrelentingly aggressive, Brandon Cronenberg‘s Possessor is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It is a singular work – one so ghastly, so unique, and so brutal that it will awe some and disgust others. It is a film about extinguishing humanity and embracing savagery. The philosophy of Possessor is one of carnage. Of cutting ties with the things that make you human, and reverting back to the predator within.

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the grudge review

The soggy scares of The Grudge are reborn yet again, this time in the hands of Nicolas Pesce, director of the horrifying The Eyes of My Mother. Pesce has a real knack for nasty nightmarish imagery, so handing him this franchise isn’t the worst idea in the world. At least on paper. Unfortunately, even though the filmmaker is working with a strong cast while conjuring up some haunting imagery, this Grudge fails to justify itself.

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grudge reboot director

The Grudge reboot recently got bumped to next year, so we’re going to have to wait a while to see it. But when we finally lay eyes on this thing, it’s going to be much different than any Grudge film that came before. According to Grudge reboot director Nicolas Pesce, the new film is more like a police thriller akin to Seven rather than your standard ghost story.

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grudge reboot release date

Sony has enough confidence in their The Grudge reboot that they’ve decided to move the release date up several weeks. The Nicolas Pesce directed horror show will now arrive in theaters in June of 2019, instead of August. The reboot stars Andrea Riseborough, Demián Bichir, John Cho, Lin Shaye and Jacki Weaver, and takes the story into the heart of American suburbia. More on the new Grudge reboot release date below.

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Panos Cosmatos interview

The unnervingly beautiful and grotesque worlds born in Panos Cosmatos‘ imagination are remarkable. The writer-director showed with his directorial debut Beyond the Black Rainbow that he knows how to keep an audience’s eyes glued to the screen, but he can do far more than compose piercing images and an all consuming atmosphere. The visuals in Cosmatos’ new film, Mandy, which feature Nicolas Cage wielding an axe and going after a pack of demonic bikers, are bolstered by a real sense of pain and loss.

Cosmatos and Cage have said before that Mandy is a movie dealing with loss – a loss that fuels Red Miller’s (Cage) journey. There’s some genuinely heart wrenching moments in Cosmatos’ sophomore effort that make it a revenge movie with a real punch. Yes, seeing Cage going toe-to-toe with evil makes for some epic iconography, but Mandy‘s moments of pain and intimacy are just as enthralling to watch. Cosmatos recently told us about making his second film, crafting a large sense of scope with limited resources, working with Nicolas Cage, and more.

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nicolas cage interview

If ever there was a match made in heaven, it’s filmmaker Panos Cosmatos and actor Nicolas Cage. The artful duo’s boundary-pushing sensibilities coalesce beautifully in Cosmatos’ thrillingly imaginative horror movie, Mandy, which stars Cage as lumberjack Red Miller, who goes on a tripe blood-soaked journey for revenge. The Academy Award-winner has made remarkable and almost otherworldly transformations throughout his career, and his epic animal-like presence in Mandy‘s Heavy Metal-esque environments is no exception.

While Cosmatos’ revenge tale is sometimes like an acid trip gone wrong in Hell with its nightmarish and lush imagery, the hypnotic aesthetic is made all the more transfixing by the visceral emotions from Cage and co-star Andrea RiseboroughMandy has its share of great fight scenes, including a next-level battle involving chainsaws and a demon, but a crucial reason why the movie is so impactful is the palpable sense of loss. There’s one scene in particular where Cage lets out pure rage and pain that hits like a ton of bricks, which the actor recently told us about filming.

Below, read what Cage had to say about that particularly dramatic scene, studying Bruce Lee and silent films, his punk rock performances, and the most important question of all, “What would Prince do?”

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mandy clip

Everything we’ve seen of Nicolas Cage‘s blood-soaked revenge thriller Mandy so far is gore, axes, chainsaws, and a maniacal Cage at his most unhinged yet. But a new Mandy clip slows things down a bit to show us the calm before the storm. There’s no blood or violence, just Cage and Andrea Riseborough as the titular Mandy, murmuring sweet nothings to each other as they enjoy a moment of peace and quiet.

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