According to the ever useful Twitter feed of Production Weekly, principal photography on Alexandre Rockwell’s Pete Small is Dead is to kick off in March. Previously, it was set to shoot in January, I believe – but when I tell you other info is thin on the ground for this one, you better believe it.

Indeed, probably the most useful link I could give you is to the MySpace page of Michael Din, the film’s producer. Send him a message and tell him /Film want to know more. Go on. Double dare you.

Amongst the cast are Steve Buscemi, Sam Rockwell and Peter Dinklage, who have worked together on Peter Judson’s Nobody Wants Your Film. Or, perhaps more accurately, they’re all featured in the film – it’s a documentary about how an independent film gets knocked back every step of the way. I think it was a semi-fictionalised grasp for novelty and notoriety, ala The Book that Wrote Itself.

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