Details About One Of John Hughes Unproduced Screenplays

John Hughes

I hope you had a chance to read the Vanity Fair profile on John Hughes that we featured on the site yesterday. If you put it off, browsed by it, and just didn’t find the time — here is your second chance. I’ve been wondering since reading the piece, just how many screenplays Hughes completed in the period of time since he disappeared from Hollywood, and if we’d ever get a chance to see those stories published, or maybe even, produced into feature films.

One of the comments on the article was from a person claiming to be filmmaker Alan Metter, the director of Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Back to School and Police Academy: Mission to Moscow. Metter’s comment was a story about the biggest mistake of his life — a Hughes screenplay he had been offered to direct, which he turned down in selfishness, and was ultimately never made.

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