Here’s a little change of course: James Bobin, who did a fine job directing The Muppets last year, is now set to direct a film called Agent Zigzag for New Line and Playtone Pictures.

The project sounds like a great, classic spy caper: it’s a true story about a criminal who became one of the most notorious double-agents of WWII. He appeared to work for German intelligence even as he was on the payroll of MI5. Read More »

Rowan Joffe, screenwriter of the underrated The American and of 28 Weeks Later, is now working with director Mike Newell on an adaption of the WWII double-agent story Agent Zigzag, based on the book of the same name by Ben MacIntyre.

The subject of the book and the film is Eddie Chapman, dashing and charming criminal, conman and spy. He’s the classic image of the fast-living spy. Recruited by the German Secret Service at the outset of WWII, he was a major asset for the Nazis, but was also secretly working for Britain, as Agent Zigzag. His story sounds like perfect movie material.

A bit of info on the book is after the break. Read More »