Victor Crowley

It’s become almost impossible to make a feature film completely in secret these days, but it looks like filmmaker Adam Green just pulled it off. Taking a page out of the Blair Witch playbook, the writer/director of the fan-favorite Hatchet movies unveiled the surprise premiere of a secretly-produced sequel called Victor Crowley, the fourth movie in the Hatchet franchise, to an audience in Hollywood. Get the details below.
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Green Band Trailer

Trailers are an under-appreciated art form insofar that many times they’re seen as vehicles for showing footage, explaining films away, or showing their hand about what moviegoers can expect. Foreign, domestic, independent, big budget: What better way to hone your skills as a thoughtful moviegoer than by deconstructing these little pieces of advertising? This week we postulate who gave Adam Green the brown acid, get truly inspired by a stranger with a dream, watch a kid from Gaza realize his potential, hatch a bad plan around a famous dead body, and feel all squishy about a bunch of cute ragamuffins from down undah.

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Digging Through The Marrow Trailer

Last year at Buttnumathon, I saw an early screening of Horror filmmaker Adam Green‘s newest movie Digging Up The Marrow. The found footage documentary-style film puts the filmmaker Hatchet/Frozen director front in center in a story exploring a series of letters he supposedly received and the mysterious man behind them (played by Ray Wise) who believes to have proof that monsters are real. Most interestingly, the film incorporates the monster designs of artist Alex Pardee (who we’ve covered on the site many times in his past), bringing some of his demented creations to life on the big screen. The film is fun, albeit it feels a bit self self-aggrandizing for Green to make himself a character at the center of this story.

Green and Pardree just announced they will be brining the film on tour and have released the first Digging Out The Marrow trailer which you can watch embedded after the jump.

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Let’s just dive right in. After the jump:

  • Enlightened gets canned, CSI gets renewed
  • A Once Upon a Time spinoff is in the works
  • Fox is developing an O.J. Simpson series
  • Is Jimmy Fallon replacing Jay Leno?
  • Adam Green‘s Holliston sets a return date
  • American Horror Story gets a subtitle
  • Sam Raimi will direct the Fox pilot Rake
  • Adam Scott could’ve been Jim Halpert
  • David Brent returns in The Office Revisited
  • Game of Thrones gets a new promo and a GRRM cameo
  • Hemlock Grove and Hannibal get twisted new trailers
  • HBO reveals a teaser for Phillip Noyce‘s Mary and Martha

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Wondering what sequelized delights await us in 2013 and beyond? After the jump:

  • Jackie Chan joins Expendables 3, wants to do Rush Hour 4
  • Dennis Haysbert talks about replacing Michael Clarke Duncan in Sin City 2
  • Mark Wahlberg calls Transformers 4 the most important role of his career
  • Michael Bay says that the “leaked” Transformers 4 script is a fake
  • David Wain is definitely still working on Wet Hot American Summer 2
  • Adam Green is excited to explore Victor Crowley’s story in Hatchet III
  • J.J. Abrams has thoughts on the 3D conversion for Star Trek Into Darkness
  • George Miller‘s Mad Max: Fury Road has finished shooting
  • New images and plot details emerge for The Hangover Part 3
  • A still from Red 2 shows off some godawful outfits

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Fans of FX’s Louie will no doubt be thrilled to check out this unrevealing but artsy teaser for the show’s third season, but it’s Showtime that steals most of the spotlight in today’s TV Bits. The premium cable network has a new poster for Episodes, a new teaser for Homeland, and possibly even a new love interest for Dexter. Also after the jump:

  • Damages sets a start date for its fifth and final season
  • The horror-sitcom Holliston gets renewed for Season 2
  • AMC mulls over six scripts for possible pilot orders

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MGM Orders Adam Green-Scripted ‘Killer Pizza’

Adam Green (Frozen) has scripted an adaptation of Greg Taylor‘s young adult novel Killer Pizza, about a 14-year old who gets a summer job at a pizza place that is a front for a monster hunting outfit. Now MGM has picked up the script — the latest buy from the revamped studio that has bought the Eminem boxing film Southpaw and the rights to Where’s Waldo?

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Now that I’ve left the geeky confines of Fantastic Fest, I can get this off my chest. I’ve never seen a Hatchet movie. The topic of best new horror franchises came up quite a bit during the festival in relation to You’re Next and Paranormal Activity 3 so, inevitably, people would mention the Adam Green-directed films about a murder named Victor Crowley. I was forced to nod, well-aware of my shame, and then talk about last year’s controversy when the unrated Hatchet 2 was placed, then pulled, from AMC Theaters.

My ignorance about the series aside, fan passion has overshadowed dismal box office and Hatchet 3 is a go…without Adam Green as director. Instead BJ McDonnell, the cameraman on the first two films who worked very closely with Green, is taking the reins.

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Celebrate the wonders of Sesame Street, Troll 2, America, child molestation, and trick or treating in your thirties with director Adam Green’s short film made specially for Halloween called Just Take One. The director behind Hatchet, Frozen and the now infamous Hatchet 2 has been making Halloween short films for his fans for 12 years over at his official site, Ariescope. The latest one, about the moral dilemma trick or treaters face when a house leaves an unmanned bowl of candy outside, is just sweet enough for a PG-13 audience, before, well, at just over four minutes, check it out after the jump. Read More »

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If you follow a lot of film fans on Twitter, you might have seen a photo in your stream urging you to “Support Unrated Horror.” It was made to promote Adam Green’s horror sequel Hatchet II starring Kane Hodder, which was released unrated on October 1 after the MPAA refused to give it an R rating. Usually, when that happens, major theaters chains refuse to play a film. However, AMC looked they they too were supporting unrated horror when they agreed to show the film anyway, spawning some controversy. Well, mere days after the film opened, AMC Theaters has changed their minds and pulled the film from screens. Hit the jump to read more about the controversy. Read More »