Cobra Kai Season 3 Easter Eggs

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In this edition, Netflix calls attention to nearly two dozen Easter eggs and callbacks from the third season of The Karate Kid sequel series Cobra Kai. Plus, find out some fun facts about A Goofy Movie that you probably didn’t know about. And finally, watch James Corden and some of his musical friends give an appropriate send-off to the former President of the United States on The Late Late Show. Read More »

A Goofy Movie Honest Trailer

It’s the 25h anniversary of A Goofy Movie this year, and we already celebrated earlier this year with an oral history of the original song “I2I” by the one and only Powerline. But since it’s blockbuster summer, albeit without any summer blockbusters in theaters, the folks behind Honest Trailers wanted to show their love for the delightful animated hit from 1995 by poking fun at it a little bit. So watch the A Goofy Movie Honest Trailer and get ready for plenty of hyuck-ing around. Read More »

A Goofy Movie Revisited

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It’s a funny thing about the so-called Fab Five of the Walt Disney Company (yes, that really is a moniker given to them). Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto are among the most recognizable figures in American popular culture. We’ve all seen them before, whether in short films or TV shows or in person. But they’re not often in feature films. Usually, if they are, it’s due to cameo appearances (such as in Who Framed Roger Rabbit) or short films released in the last 40 years (such as Mickey’s Christmas Carol). Hell, it was only earlier in 2020 that Mickey Mouse got his own dedicated theme-park ride, and that’s after 65 years of theme-park history.

Just one of the Fab Five ever got to topline a movie all about him. No hedging, no hesitation. Just over 25 years ago, that most lovable, if dumb, Goof got himself a motion picture.

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A Goofy Movie oral history

This month marked the 25th anniversary of A Goofy Movie, a film which has earned one of the most passionate cult followings of any in the Disney library. One of the biggest reasons for its lasting success is its timeless music, best showcased in the climactic scene in which the main characters, Goofy and his teenage son Max, sneak into a concert and manage to get on stage with the world’s biggest pop star, Powerline. The show-stopping song playing during the scene is called “I2I,” and the whole thing culminates with Goofy, Max, and Powerline doing “The Perfect Cast,” an unorthodox fishing technique which, as the characters quickly learn, doubles as an amazing dance move.

Over the past few weeks, /Film has spoken with the people responsible for creating “I2I” and bringing this memorable scene to life. Here is the oral history of how the film’s Powerline concert scene came together. Read More »


A Goofy Movie begins with Max Goof on his way to the last day of school, and if all goes right his life will change. Turning cartoon into real life, this animated to live-action short adaptation was created for under $100 over the course of six months with a borrowed camera, over 90 supportive friends and family, and Final Cut Studio.

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