Eric Vespe

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Austin, TX
Stephen King Books And Movies, Steven Spielberg Films, Star Wars
  • Vespe was only 14 years old when he conducted his first celebrity interview with legendary comedian George Carlin for his high school newspaper and has continued down that geeky path ever since.
  • Vespe began writing for Ain't It Cool News while still in high school. He spent the next 20+ years at that site doing interviews, writing reviews and covering every corner of film from geeky tentpoles to Sundance darlings and crazy foreign films.‌
  • He is currently the co-host and producer of The Kingcast, a podcast dedicated to the work of Stephen King. The Kingcast has been lauded by Entertainment Weekly, Variety and Austin Monthly as a go-to podcast for horror fans, with guests like Jamie Lee Curtis, Elijah Wood, Bill Hader, Rian Johnson and even Stephen King himself coming in on a weekly basis.


A veteran of the online blogging wars, Eric Vespe has been writing about movies in some form or another for 26 years and has traveled the world to conduct interviews and visit movie sets. In addition to his work for Ain't It Cool News and /Film, he's written for Collider, Playboy, Popular Mechanics, Fangoira, and Syfy Wire. He has been fascinated by the process of movie-making since he was a kid and has built a rather large collection of DVDs and Blu-Rays, and he won't stop until his house turns into his own private video store. Vespe is passionate about movies, old and new, and storytelling of all shapes and sizes, be they fiction novels, video games or even podcasts.
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