Eric Vespe

Austin, TX
University Of Texas
Movies, Stephen King, Horror, Interviews
  • For over twenty years, Vespe has been a leading voice in the film blogosphere, acting as contributor and, eventually, editor at early disruptor Ain't It Cool News.
  • In his time at AICN, Vespe conducted celebrity interviews, traveled the world to visit movie sets, and wrote a bunch of pretty kickass opinion pieces all about the wide, wonderful world of movies.
  • During the pandemic, Vespe also launched a popular podcast called The Kingcast that focuses on Stephen King books and their adaptations that has welcomed guests like Elijah Wood, Kumail Nanjiani, Rian Johnson, and Mike Flanagan.


At the tender age of 16, Vespe began writing for Ain't It Cool News under the pen name "Quint." For twenty years he worked as contributing editor and main voice on that site writing news posts, doing set visits, and conducting interviews until 2017. Since then he has written for Collider, Rooster Teeth, Playboy, Backstory Magazine, and, of course, /Film. Now he serves as producer, editor and co-host of The Kingcast, which Entertainment Weekly named as one of the five best podcasts of 2020.


Vespe attended lots of schools. Elementary school? Yep. Middle school? Roger. High school? Nailed it! He even audited some film education classes at UT, so you can say he's pretty smart.
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