O Brother Where Art Thou 20 Years Later

George Clooney has been the protean ideal of a movie star for so long that it’s hard to recall a time when his presence on the big screen was more typified by playing the Caped Crusader in a comically terrible film. Even now that box office results have been decimated by the pandemic, there are few actors who perfectly embody the notion of what it is to be an old-fashioned movie star like Clooney. His always-at-100 smile, his dapper style, and a public look that often recalls the masculinity of Cary Grant ensured that Clooney struck an old-fashioned note of fame even at a time when movie stardom was vanishing. 

It’s to Clooney’s credit that his fame on the big screen hasn’t crumbled over the last four years, during which he hasn’t appeared in a movie. Though he did appear in the Hulu adaptation of Catch-22, the last film in which Clooney appeared was the 2016 drama Money Monster. (It’s been just over three years since he directed a movie, the wilting black comedy Suburbicon.) Finally, Clooney is back in the new Netflix sci-fi drama The Midnight Sky, which he also directed. But from the start, it’s clear that this isn’t the dashing Clooney who appeared in films like The Monuments Men or Michael Clayton. With a severely trimmed head of hair and a bushy white beard, the rakish and charming George Clooney all but disappears in The Midnight Sky and is replaced with someone quieter and more meek.

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VFX Artists React to Speed Racer

The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows.

In this edition, find out what the visual effects artists from Corridor Crew have to say about the Speed Racer VFX from the 2009 big screen adaptation. Plus, go behind the scenes of HBO’s fantasy series adaptation His Dark Materials, and listen to George Clooney look back on his most memorable roles, from the Ocean’s 11 franchise to award worthy turns in The Descendants and Michael Clayton, and more. Read More »

O Brother Where Art Thou reunion

Break out your container of Dapper Dan, because the cast of the Coen Brothers’ stylish adventure film O Brother, Where Art Thou? is getting the band back together.

George Clooney, John Turturro, Tim Blake Nelson, and Chris Thomas King are among those who are set to reunite next month – virtually, of course – to celebrate the movie’s 20th anniversary at the Nashville Film Festival. Get the details below.

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The Dark Tower Trailer Breakdown 49

Every week in /Answers, we attempt to answer a new pop culture-related question. Tying in with the upcoming release of The Dark Tower, this week’s edition asks “What is your favorite movie adaptation of a beloved book?” As always, we have submissions from the /Film writing crew and podcast team.

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We’ve got two art shows to tell you about today. One is movie specific, second is more subtle and pop culture centric, both are very cool.

First, tied in with this weekend’s huge new release, Disney is releasing some Oz the Great and Powerful art by Joey Chou at their WonderGround Gallery at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, CA. The gallery will also have a bunch of props from the film on display.

Next up, Los Angeles’s Gallery 1988 is opening their latest show, Product Placement, on March 9. It features works based on different products in movies and TV. What does that mean? Well how about Dapper Dan in O’Brother Where Art Thou, Oceanic 815 in Lost, Shark Repellent in Batman, Neo Tokyo Customs in Akira, Morrie’s Wigs in Goodfellas and much, much more. Check images out below. Read More »

VOTD: The 100 Greatest Movie Insults

Pajiba has edited another wonderful montage of movie clips, this time compiling the 100 greatest movie insults of all time in under 10 minutes. Watch the video now embedded after the jump.
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