moviepass subscription dropped

Update: MoviePass has released a statement claiming that the numbers from Business Insider’s reports are false and that its parent company has not released any subscriber numbers.

For some strange reason, MoviePass has dropped 90% of its subscribers in less than a year. Weird, right? What mysterious explanation could there be for this massive decrease in subscriptions? I’m joking, of course. We all know the answer: the movie-ticket-subscription service imploded after leaking money like a siv. This resulted in a sudden change of rules and pricing, which in turn resulted in MoviePass friends to become MoviePass foes. And now here we are, with the company somehow still hanging on, but just barely.

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Do you want to go to the movies for free? Well, soon you’ll be able to, via an app called PreShow. Sound too good to be true? It might be. The service will enable theater-goers to nab free movie tickets by sitting through “15-20 minute ‘preshow’ comprised of entertaining branded content.” Piece of cake, right? Well, not so fast. To ensure you’re definitely watching the ads, the PreShow app will track your eye movements. If you stop looking at the ads for too long, they’ll pause, and won’t start up again until your gaze returns.

If this sounds a bit like a Black Mirror episode, that’s because it is. The same sort of premise was used for the season one episode “Fifteen Million Merits.”

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New MoviePass Subscriptions

Somehow MoviePass is still a thing that exists. After a long history of constantly changing subscription plans and the rules users had to follow in order to be able to use it, not to mention the significant loss of money and severe hits to their reputation, you would think MoviePass would be dead. Instead, the service is going back to its roots by bringing back their movie-per-day subscription plan.

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moviepass films change

The folks at MoviePass must have realized it’s been a couple of months since their last questionable decision, so they’ve decided to rectify that with a new announcement. The company is shifting their business model yet again, and will now focus more on its own original films. You know, films like Gotti. MoviePass Films will now “accelerate production of projects for theatrical release, and increase distribution deals for retail, home video, and transactional and international sales.”

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MoviePass Family Plan

You don’t recognize MoviePass anymore. Maybe it hurt you, maybe it betrayed you one too many times, and you’ve decided to leave it behind. But like a bad boyfriend, MoviePass wants you back and it’ll even go back to the way things were before things got complicated. That’s right, MoviePass is bringing back its unlimited plan as part of its new relaunch to attempt to shake off its troubled image and bring on new (or old) subscribers.

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MoviePass three-tiered

If you thought we left MoviePass behind with 2018, you’d be wrong. The embattled ticketing service is not going down without a fight, and its latest battle de jour are new pricing tiers that will entice new and old subscribers back to the app. But the MoviePass three-tiered pricing structure may not be the deal that it promises to be (what’s new?). And in the meanwhile, MoviePass’ parent company Helios and Matheson Analytics further distances itself from the ticketing service (again, what’s new?).

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Bruce Willis MoviePass deal

Hey, did you know MoviePass was still around? It’s true! Not only that, but so is MoviePass Films, the folks that brought us Gotti. And now, the company is jumping from John Travolta to Bruce Willis. Willis has just signed a three picture deal with MoviePass Films, which will kick-off with something called Trauma Center. More on the Bruce Willis MoviePass deal below.

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New MoviePass Monthly Plans

Just when you thought MoviePass had sold its last ticket, the movie ticket subscription service has one last gasp of breath.

In an effort to show the millions of customers who have fled the service that they’ve changed and won’t be the shady, policy-changing company that we’ve come to know them as, MoviePass is trying to make amends by offering a new series of tiered monthly plans, each offering different kinds of access to movie tickets. But will it be enough to save MoviePass? Read More »

MoviePass Family Plan

MoviePass may be a sinking ship, but its parent company Helios and Matheson Analytics won’t let the subscription service drag it down. Helios and Matheson is spinning its MoviePass assets out into a separate publicly traded company. To keep with the ship analogy, this makes MoviePass more like a sinking life raft, with its assets MoviePass Films, MoviePass Ventures, and MovieFone cut loose from Helios and Matheson’s cruise liner.

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