MoviePass Annual Subscription Canceled

MoviePass didn’t create any problems for customers last weekend, but they’re definitely making up for that fluke with their latest decision to screw over their members.

The movie ticket subscription service that has been struggling for weeks to stay afloat sent out an e-mail to their annual subscription holders with some bad news. MoviePass gave annual membership customers the option to either opt in to a new monthly limited subscription plan of three movie tickets each month (from a limited and constantly changing selection of movies in theaters) or cancel their membership with a prorated refund instead. What a deal! Read More »

MoviePass Family Plan

The MoviePass mayhem continues as the ticket-buying service tries to stay afloat with a few tweaks to its newly implemented daily schedule. But even as the daily MoviePass schedule expands from a six-movie line-up to a nine-movie lineup, some of the biggest new movies are noticeably absent.
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MoviePass Family Plan

If you thought MoviePass couldn’t make any more unpopular decisions, you’d be wrong. The flaming heap that was once the popular ticket-buying service has once again introduced a new change that’ll likely make a few more subscribers (unsuccessfully) attempt to cancel their plans. The newest confounding change: You only get to choose from a rotating line-up of six movies a day.

On the same day of this announcement, MoviePass’s primary competitor, AMC A-List, released a statement guaranteeing its customers a 12-month guarantee that its prices or benefits wouldn’t change. Talk about kicking a competitor while it’s down.

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MoviePass Losing Money

Karmic retribution comes fast for MoviePass soon after the ticket-buying service prevented its subscribers from cancelling their subscription plans. The service’s parent company Helios and Matheson revealed its MoviePass losses to be an at all-time high, ballooning from less than $3 million this quarter last year to $126.6 million.

To add onto that, MoviePass is also facing potential lawsuits from its frustrated shareholders, who are accusing the company of fraud and misinformation. Looks like karma is working overtime.

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MoviePass Cancellation

Update: It seems that Costo will accept returns on any one-year MoviePass subscriptions purchased in their stores. We have added the details below.

Just when you think MoviePass can’t sink any lower, they go and do something like this.

Last week, MoviePass unveiled their new subscription plan, which is becoming their only subscription plan and goes into effect this week on August 15. Instead of the subscription giving customers one movie ticket a day to see a wide variety of films playing at their local multiplex, subscribers now only have the option to pay $9.95 a month for just three movie tickets. The deal was made even worse when customers realized last weekend that MoviePass was limiting the selection of movies available to just two options. But today, they’re doing something even more questionable and despicable.

Last night, some users found out that even though they had canceled their MoviePass subscription, they had been automatically opted in to this new subscription plan, and that “choice” to opt in trumped any cancellation they might have previously confirmed. This is shady as hell. Read More »

MoviePass Limits Movie Choices

Another weekend has arrived, creating another opportunity for MoviePass to disappoint their customers.

This week already brought news that MoviePass would soon only be offering a new $9.95 subscription plan that gives new and renewing monthly subscribers just three movie tickets a month. That’s a far cry from the initial plan that offered one movie ticket a day, but it’s the only way the company will be able to stay afloat after hemorrhaging money last month to the point that their service was shut down after they literally couldn’t pay their bills. But MoviePass is still getting worse.

Not only did the MoviePass service go down again on Friday evening, but subscribers were only given two movie choices when trying to check in to a movie at theaters that don’t offer advance e-ticketing options (where MoviePass has partnerships with theaters). MoviePass admitted that this is a new official practice to help them right the sinking ship. Read More »

MoviePass movies

Making a movie is extraordinarily difficult even under optimal conditions. But that’s not stopping MoviePass from trying to make one themselves while they’re desperately trying to avoid an all-out tailspin into financial ruin. MoviePass Films has just cast Bruce Willis in a ludicrous-sounding new thriller called 10 Minutes Gone, the newest of three MoviePass movies under the company’s subsidiary production company.
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New MoviePass Plan

It appears MoviePass faced some customer backlash after the movie ticket subscription service announced they would be hiking their $9.95 price for unlimited movie tickets each month up to $14.95 with limited access to major new releases. Because now MoviePass has decided not to raise their prices, but they’re also taking away the unlimited ticketing benefits of their original subscription model.

The new MoviePass plan will still cost only $9.95 a month. However, instead of being able to land one movie ticket every day of the month, now customers will only be allowed three movie tickets each month. MoviePass says this new approach “retains its industry-low monthly subscription rate of $9.95 and at the same time creates a long-term and sustainable business model.” Sure, Jan.

Find out more about the new MoviePass plan and business model below. Read More »

AMC Stubs A-List

It’s no secret that MoviePass is struggling to stay afloat. After having their service temporarily shut down because they ran out of money, the service hasn’t really recovered in a way that provides customers with what they were promised. Now their official position is that the price of their subscription will increase to $14.95 and they won’t make new blockbuster releases available through the app for the first couple weeks they’re in theaters. And that’s giving AMC Theatres an opportunity for their new movie ticket subscription service to thrive.

AMC Stubs A-List launched in June and they’ve already enrolled more than 175,000 customers to pay $19.95 a month to get three movie tickets every week, without restrictions on movies or formats, as well as discounts on concessions. And they’re likely only going to grow now that MoviePass will be losing subscribers left and right. Read More »

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MoviePass Family Plan

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