Honey I Shrunk the Kids

Back in the spring, /Film exclusively reported that Walt Disney Pictures was working on a reboot of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. The movie would continue in the same universe as the original film series, with Josh Gad playing the son of Rick Moranis’ character, Wayne Szalinski. Now a grown-up scientist himself, the Szalinksi son ends up accidentally shrinking his own kids. It’s the same story over again, and Disney felt like that warranted bringing back the original film’s director, Joe Johnston, who is now in talks to take the helm. Read More »

Agent Carter directors

At today’s Marvel Television panel, the first four directors for ABC’s upcoming Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D prequel series Agent Carter were revealed. The four filmmakers all hail from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, both feature and short, and include some names you might not expect to be directing television. Find out who the Agent Carter directors will be after the jump.

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First things first: that’s the debut official look at Anthony Hopkins as Odin and Tom Hiddleston as Loki, from Kenneth Branagh‘s Thor. Additionally, that’s the first image of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) with hammer in hand.

Perhaps more important, there is confirmation that Thor and Captain America will both be released in 3D. But you might remember that despite a brief, erroneous supposition, Thor wasn’t shot in 3D. And while Joe Johnson tested native 3D rigs for Captain America, which started shooting last week, he found them bulky and restrictive. So it’s post-conversion for both films. More details after the break. Read More »

Tommy Lee Jones Confirmed for Captain America


There was a rumor a couple of weeks back that Tommy Lee Jones would have at least a small part in Captain America: The First Avenger. Now an interview with actress Hayley Atwell, who plays Peggy Carter in the film, has confirmed Jones’ appearance. Read More »

Sebastion Stan

The obvious tagline: from shortlist to short pants!

A couple weeks ago, Sebastian Stan was on the rumored list of actors in whom Marvel was interested for the role of Steve Rogers, aka Captain America. That role went to Chris Evans, but Stan must have made some impression on Marvel. (Or he’s got a great agent.) The actor has been cast as Bucky, who is essentially this story’s version of Robin. Read More »