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Things are changing at Amazon Studios. Roy Price, the former head of the company’s media division, resigned from the company after sexual harassment allegations against him came to light, and NBC executive Jennifer Salke stepped into his position to take over. Salke knows the value of the young adult crowd, and her first batch of pilots at Amazon Studios is aimed squarely at them. Below, you can learn about three shows that recently earned a green light: Panic, College, and The Wilds. Read More »

Nicole Kidman Amazon

It’s a cutthroat world in Hollywood right now, with movie studios, TV networks, and streaming services all vying for top tier talent as entertainment becomes more and more niche. That bubble is going to burst one day, but until then, A-listers are getting scooped up left and right to produce content across a bunch of different platforms.

Amazon Studios is the latest player to secure another high-profile provider. Oscar winner Nicole Kidman has signed a first-look production deal with the company. Read More »