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The ShowGuy’s Grocery Games

Where You Can Stream It: Hulu

The Pitch: Divisive Food Network host and fashion nightmare Guy Fieri invites four chefs into a giant grocery store set, where they must compete in various cooking challenges that involve them rushing through the aisles and literally collecting their ingredients. But since this is a silly game show, those challenges generally involve chaotic limitations (you can only shop in certain aisles) or cruel requirements (your savory dinner must include mustard and a bag of marshmallows). It’s ridiculous. And addicting.

Why It’s Essential Viewing: Look, Guy’s Grocery Games is not essential viewing. And if you can’t stomach Guy Fieri, with his low-brow sense of humor and atrocious haircut, this will be a legitimately painful experience. However, there’s something fundamentally nice about this show, which sidesteps being a cutthroat competition in favor of being an easily digestible showcase of chefs concocting creative and delicious dishes from ingredients available in a standard supermarket. As Pixar’s Ratatouille explored: anyone can cook.

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