doctor sleep early screenings

If you just can’t wait to see Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining, and also happen to be a Fandango VIP member, I have some good news. Mike Flanagan‘s Stephen King adaptation will screen nine days earlier than the official release date for members of Fandango VIP. The horror film follows an adult Danny Torrance as he reckons with his traumatic past while dealing with a new supernatural threat. Learn more about the Doctor Sleep early screenings, and check out a cool new poster, below.

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doctor sleep posters

Hey, did you know Doctor Sleep is a sequel to The Shining? If not, don’t worry, two new posters for the Stephen King adaptation are here to make damn sure you don’t forget. These two posters lean heavily into imagery from Stanely Kubrick’s Shining adaptation, and also plaster Stephen King’s name above the title, something that hasn’t been done for a while. But King movies are hot, hot, hot right now, so this makes sense. Check out the Doctor Sleep posters below.

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doctor sleep featurette

A new Doctor Sleep featurette gives us our best look yet at Mike Flanagan‘s sequel to The Shining. In the video below, go behind-the-scenes of the upcoming film with Flanagan, author Stephen King, and star Ewan McGregor, while also getting new looks at the recreation of the Overlook Hotel, the younger Danny Torrence, Dick Hallorann, and more.

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Doctor Sleep Trailer

Are you ready to return to The Overlook Hotel? Director Stanley Kubrick haunted our dreams with the chilling, thrilling, classic adaptation of Stephen King’s beloved book The Shining. Now, nearly 40 years later, Doctor Sleep will show us what little Danny Torrance is like after having such a traumatic experience in his childhood. All grown up and played by Ewan McGregor, Danny’s past comes back to haunt him, and a new threat emerges. Watch the new Doctor Sleep trailer below for more. Read More »

Mike Flanagan Themes

What if one of the best modern horror filmmakers also had a big, gooey heart? That seems to the case with Mike Flanagan, whose work blends visceral scares with shattering humanism. With The Haunting of Hill House, Gerald’s Game, Hush, and more, Flanagan has proven adept at breaking hearts and eliciting scares in equal measure, something that will surely serve him well with the upcoming Doctor Sleep.

Based on the novel by Stephen King, Doctor Sleep is a sequel to The Shining and follows a grown-up Danny Torrance as he battles his alcoholism and attempts to overcome his childhood trauma. Of course, there are also psychic vampires to deal with, because this is still a thrilling horror story. In other words, it sounds like the right fit for Flanagan.

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While there have been countless adaptations of the work of Stephen King over the years, not all of them are fortunate enough to have both a personal blessing and input from the master of suspense himself. But in the case of the upcoming adaptation of Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining, producer Trevor Macy was lucky enough to get both. That’s actually surprising since the film version of Doctor Sleep is drawing a lot of elements from Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of The Shining, which Stephen King famously hated.

Find out all about the Doctor Sleep Stephen King involvement below.

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Doctor Sleep and The Haunting of Hill House

Mike Flanagan has directed many a horror film and even has a successful Stephen King feature film adaptation under his belt. But it was his work with the Netflix anthology horror series The Haunting of Hill House that helped prepare him best for Doctor Sleep.

The first season of the 10-episode anthology series was Flanagan’s first major foray into scripted television, and presented all manner of obstacles for the filmmaker. /Film visited the set of Doctor Sleep, and learned from Flanagan and producer Trevor Macy how The Haunting of Hill House played an influence on how they approached the upcoming The Shining sequel.

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It’s one of the most famous images in horror. A young child, maneuvering his big wheel through the long, quiet corridors of an empty hotel, turns a corner and sees something awful. Something terrible. Something impossible. Little Danny Torrance’s face contorts in horror. And while he makes it out of the Overlook Hotel alive before the credits roll, nothing will ever be the same.

And now, Doctor Sleep asks: what if Dan Torrance from The Shining grew up and had a whole bunch of new problems? And what if he was played by Ewan McGregor? Director Mike Flanagan‘s new film, based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name, follows the kid from The Shining decades later, as he battles his own addictions, his own traumas, and yes, a new supernatural threat.

I visited the set of Doctor Sleep late last year and the assembled journalists were able to sit down with McGregor to talk about Dan Torrance and how you prepare to play the son of a character played by Jack Nicholson.

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Doctor Sleep matters because The Shining matters. Whether you love the original Stephen King novel or the Stanley Kubrick film adaptation (Or both! It’s possible!), the story of the cursed Overlook Hotel looms large in our collective imaginations. When Doctor Sleep was published in 2013, it immediately leapt onto Hollywood’s radar. After all, it was a sequel to The Shining, following a grown-up Dan Torrance as he tackles a new set of demons (and a few older ones). Now, six years later, the film adaptation from Gerald’s Game and The Haunting of Hill House director Mike Flanagan is months away from opening.

I visited the set of Doctor Sleep late last year and gathered with other journalists in the evil Room 237 itself to ask Flanagan and producer Trevor Macy about the film’s journey to the big screen. Here’s what we learned.

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Is Doctor Sleep a Sequel to the Shining Book or Movie

The film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel Doctor Sleep had a unique problem before cameras could roll. Or even before the script could be written. How do you make a sequel to The Shining when the original book and its iconic, widely-seen and admired film adaptation are so incredibly different? How do you please the King fans and the Stanley Kubrick fans, especially when the former has been so publicly critical about the latter’s take on his work?

The answer is surprisingly simple: you try to do both.

I visited the set of Doctor Sleep late last year and it was immediately clear that the film would deviate in significant ways from the novel…mainly because the assembled journalists interviewed Mike Flanagan on on the set of the infamous Room 237. A room that no longer exists in the book because the Overlook Hotel burns down on the page, but remains standing in the film. It was in this cursed room that we learned all about the film’s tricky balancing act and how it will serve the visions of King, Kubrick and Flanagan himself.

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