It’s hard to believe it’s only been three years since Rovio Entertainment launched a little mobile game called Angry Birds. In that time, the franchise has become totally ubiquitous. I’m not just talking about the countless special editions of the game itself, either. I can’t walk into a drugstore without seeing Angry Birds-branded candy and plush toys for sale, and Angry Birds t-shirts are a common sight on the subway or the sidewalk.

Now, the cute but vicious creatures are pushing into new territory with a planned movie. Rovio has announced that a 3D CG-animated feature adaptation will hit in 2016, with John Cohen (Despicable Me) producing. David Maisel (formerly of Marvel Studios) remains on board as executive producer. More details after the jump.

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Disclaimer: I usually refrain from running speculative rumors on /Film, but it’s a slow news day. And besides, I’m not going to pass this off as news. Heck, I’m not even going to pass this off as a rumor. For now, consider this story a fun “What IF?”

/Film reader Jon B brought it to my attention that George Clooney was spotted pre-holidays in Hollywood having a business meeting with director Ridley Scott, and Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel (Paris Hilton was also in attendance, but gossip mags have recently linked the heiress and Clooney, so that’s more likely personal than professional).

Marvel Studios has said that they are interesting in bringing a Dr. Strange movie to the big screen. Clooney looks a bit Strange, doesn’t he? Or might Ridley Scott might direct The Avengers movie? Or perhaps it was just a fun meeting between friends. We know this whole discussion is circumstantial and speculative at best, but in the boring days of early January, I find it a little fun to speculate. So lets pretend for just a minute that there is something more to this dinner meeting.

Discuss: What do you think of the idea of a Dr Strange movie starring George Clooney directed by Ridley Scott?

Would Ridley Scott really direct a B-comic book character? I’d much rather see him involved in The Avengers. Clooney would be uncanny as Strange. Or what about the possibility of Clooney playing Captain America and Scott directing Avengers?


“I’ve got the touch.”

Over at Deadline Hollywood Daily, Nikki Finke is reporting that actor Edward Norton and Marvel Studios are in an escalating tizzy over editing and final cut on The Incredible Hulk. Oh boy, this is not good. Norton, who pretty much received the right to rework Zak Penn’s script however he wanted, is known for having strong feelings about the end product. His arguments with director Tony Kaye over American History X (Norton won) are the stuff of legend.

Finke reports that Norton and Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel are currently “holed up” alongside director Louis Leterrier (who is oddly mentioned in the news item like a third wheel) in hopes of reaching an amicable decision. It’s not clear what the arguments are over and it seems that, like fanboys, even the insiders have little idea how the $150 million flick is shaping up.

Another unnamed source seems to throw some water on the flame, saying…

“There is a very healthy exchange of ideas going on. Discussions now are even more heated. But some of Ed’s best movies have had this exact dynamic to them. Everyone’s in the process of figuring it out and working it out. But I expect it’ll all get resolved pretty quickly.”

With The Incredible Hulk‘s teaser trailer, yes only a teaser, appearing tomorrow night on MTV, it’s at once worrisome and kinda sweet how cloaked this project is from the public eye. Opening on June 13th, its secrecy has almost seemed like a Sun Tzu marketing strategy when compared to The Dark Knight and Iron Man; but while a secretive approach might work for a never-before-seen character that’s eagerly anticipated, we’ve seen Ang Lee’s Hulk already. Either Leterrier’s Hulk is going to blow us away tomorrow or get a big “meh!” It’s really that simple. And Norton is pretty sharp, so hopefully Marvel listens to him. As much as I pined for Liv Tyler in that Aerosmith video, Norton is the only reason why I’m interested in the remake.

Discuss: Does Norton’s disagreement with Marvel over final cut bother you? What are you expecting from the teaser tomorrow? Do you find it cool to know so little about the film this far in?