Watchmen season 2 update

Ever since HBO’s brilliant drama series Watchmen went off the air, fans have been wondering if showrunner Damon Lindelof would be coming back for a second season. And while the writer/producer has already made his thoughts very clear, interest in the show is so high that he’ll likely be fielding questions about the future of the show for a long time.

So here we are, with Lindelof providing yet another Watchmen season 2 update that essentially boils down to the same thing he’s said before: he might come back for another batch of episodes, but don’t hold your breath. Read More »

watchmen trailer new

Watchmen showed audiences another side of actor Tim Blake Nelson. As Wade Tillman (a.k.a. Looking Glass), Nelson is more imposing than ever before. The reserved cop, to put it mildly, doesn’t need to beat anybody to a pulp to prove or illustrate his immense strength. Look no further than the interrogation scene to see a man in complete control of his surroundings, body, and power.

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Nelson’s casting imbued an authenticity to Wade and the setting of Damon Lindelof‘s magnum opus. As a storyteller himself, having written and directed several films, including the thinking man’s stoner pic, Leaves of Grass, Nelson is as much in awe of Watchmen‘s storytelling as the rest of us. After the series concluded with answers as exciting as the questions, we spoke to Nelson about his experience working on and watching the show, acting opposite of Regina King, and similarities between Minority Report and Watchmen.

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watchmen season 2

Watchmen aired its season finale last night – but what if it turns out to be a series finale as well? As of the writing of this story, HBO has yet to announce a second season. And if they do, there’s a very good chance showrunner Damon Lindelof won’t be returning. Before the show even premiered, Lindelof told a crowd at New York Comic-Con that the first season was planed out as something completely self-contained, and that a second season might not happen. Now, Lindelof is doubling-down, confirming that he has no plans for a second season at this time.

But enough about that. Let’s get an answer to the show’s biggest, most important question: Who is Lube Man?

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Watchmen season finale trailer

“The end is nigh.”

That phrase has been used in the marketing for HBO’s Watchmen since it first began to ramp up, but now it’s true on a meta level: the final episode of the exceptional first season (and maybe even the series as a whole) airs this coming Sunday night, and HBO has dropped one last trailer to get us hyped. As if we needed any additional reasons to be excited. Read More »

Watchmen episode 8 trailer

Damon Lindelof and his writing staff dropped another bomb in this week’s episode of Watchmen, proving once again that this series is appointment viewing and must-see television that’s unlike anything else this year. Take a look at the trailer for next week’s episode below, and read Lindelof’s comments about last night’s game-changing revelation. Spoilers ahead.  Read More »

watchmen episode 7 trailer

There are only three episodes of Watchmen left, which means its time to start getting some answers. Showrunner Damon Lindelof has promised that this is a completely self-contained season, which means we’re not headed towards a bunch of cliffhangers. The lingers questions will be answered, and a Watchmen episode 7 trailer hints that we’re finally going to learn what Lady Trieu is up to. Plus: read Lindelof’s comments on the big reveal from episode 6.

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Robert Redford Watchmen

The Watchmen administration of President Robert Redford has proven sturdy over the decades, with few prominent leaks to be found. However, an individual with ties to the President’s communications office connected us with a source that could answer our burning questions. We’ve also spoken with historian Jeff “Doc” Jensen (with some assistance from someone named Damon Lindelof), who specializes in the history of alternate universes, to confirm and clarify some of these behind-the-scenes statements.

Here is the true history of President Robert Redford in the world of Watchmen.

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Adrian Veidt

If you’ve been watching Watchmen, you probably have many questions. And one of them is probably, “What the hell is going on with Adrian Veidt?” The storyline informing the man formally known as Ozymandias has, so far, seemed totally unconnected from the main show. But it’s all building towards something. And showrunner Damon Lindelof has some answers about the character now, too. Not all the answers, mind you. But something is better than nothing! Spoilers follow.

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watchmen squid scene

The infamous giant alien squid made its onscreen debut during last night’s Watchmen, and it was quite a stunning reveal. During a flashback sequence to 1985, we see the aftermath of the squid being dropped onto the Big Apple, with its aftershocks rippling all the way to Hoboken, New Jersey. In a new interview, Watchmen showrunner Damon Lindelof talked about bringing the squid into the show, and how “post-traumatic squid disorder” still affects certain characters.

Plus: watch a trailer for the next episode, which promises to answer questions and be mind-blowing at the same time.

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Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Last year, when showrunner Damon Lindelof posted a letter to Instagram about his upcoming Watchmen series for HBO, he classified it as a “remix.” On the one hand, this was good news for fans who were trepidatious about seeing the greatest comic book story of all time receive another direct sequel or adaptation. On the other hand, remixes already dominate the dance floor in Hollywood. When creators and critics use that word now, it either feels like industry code for a thinly disguised remake (amid all the other official remakes that are currently flooding the market), or it feels like a pejorative term for the repackaged greatest hits of a beloved IP.

By way of an example, this very week, we’ve got a new Terminator movie hitting theaters, which reviewers have likened to The Force Awakens of the franchise. However, if the first two episodes are any indication, that’s not what Lindelof’s Watchmen remix is. Instead, what it looks to be is a fascinating re-contextualization: a show that sets us down on familiar ground but updates it and makes it feel different enough that its echoes of Watchmen and other past superhero tales lay submerged within a fresh story.

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