Button Man movie

Brian Helgeland, the Oscar-winning writer of L.A. Confidential, is getting back behind the camera to direct for the first time in four years.

Helgeland will direct Button Man for Netflix, a film adaptation of a comic about a hired killer who rebels against a bloody underground sport. Drive and The Neon Demon director Nicolas Winding Refn was in talks to direct this back in 2012, but that version never came to light; now Helgeland will direct and Matt Reeves will produce. Read More »

Blending parts of 13 Tzameti, Hostel and The Professional, Button Man: The Killing Game has possibly found a director. Nicolas Winding Refn is in talks to helm the DreamWorks owned film adaptation of the graphic novel by John Wagner and Arthur Ransom about an assassin who’s recruited to take part in a fight to the death game of trained killers, overseen and bet on by millionaires. He then decides against participating and must fight he way out. Refn hasn’t officially signed but is in talks. Read more after the jump. Read More »