While the Angelina Jolie vehicle Salt wasn’t a runaway hit in the U.S., it ultimately earned almost $300 million in worldwide box office — definitely enough to inspire some sequel chatter. But the actual process of making another film hasn’t been so smooth. Director Phillip Noyce pulled out of the potential follow-up in late 2010, and earlier this year the project received a severe blow when Jolie rejected Kurt Wimmer‘s draft of the screenplay.

Columbia Pictures hasn’t lost all hope, however. The studio is dusting itself off and starting over with¬†Becky Johnston¬†(Seven Years in Tibet, The Prince of Tides), who’s now tasked with penning a new script that’ll pass muster with Jolie. More details after the jump.

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Briefly: I’m very happy to see that winning an Oscar hasn’t turned Colin Firth into an over-cautious deliberator when it comes to picking new roles. He’s shooting Gambit now, though granted, that hardly seems like a crapshoot, given that well-regarded director Michael Hoffman is working from a Coen Brothers screenplay.

And now he’s part of the parade of new projects looking for funding and/or distribution deals at Cannes, as he and Emily Blunt are set to be part of an as-yet untitled comedy in which both play characters who try to “reinvent themselves using other people’s identities.” Read More »