Chevy Chase has joined the cast of United Artist’s R-Rated sci-fi comedy Hot Tub Time Machine. The Steve Pink-directed, Josh Heald-scripted film tells the story of a group of guys (John Cusack, Rob Corddry, and Craig Robinson) who return to the hot tub they once partied in, only to discover it is a time machine that allows them to go back in time to their “days of glory.”We’ve heard many good things about the script.

Case will play a seemingly crazy repairman who might be the only one who can held the trio return to the present day. THR says that the character “dispenses pearls of wisdom and may or may not be behind the metaphysical road trip.”

The article goes on to say that Chase is currently considering reprise the role of Irwin “Fletch” Fletcher in a reboot of the Fletch movie series. Apparently The Weinstein Co has a new script which would involve a semi-returned Fletch passing the torch to his journalist nephew, and advising him on his stories. Sounds like a rather lame way of including Chase in the project.
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The Judd Apatow Backlash Has Begun

Judd Apatow Backlash

The Judd Apatow backlash has begun, and it is being started by… Judd Apatow?

“It’s not viral marketing… It’s comedy!”

In this new FunnyorDie.com video, Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, Justin Long, and Craig Robinson talk about Walk Hard and their other projects, inciting a fight between Robinson and Apatow. Watch the video below.
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