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Hello all, and welcome to your weekly recap of whatever wildness occurred on the latest episode of WandaVision. These are meant to be read after watching, so they will go deep into spoiler territory. You have been warned!

This first post covers episodes one and two, which are currently streaming on Disney+.

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wandavision review

The Marvel formula has become predictable enough that anything that was due to shake it up could only be seen as a good thing. And in that regard, WandaVision is almost too much of a good thing — a total rejection of what’s expected of a Marvel Studios project that is so weird and surreal, it feels like you’ve wandered into an episode of The Twilight Zone. The classic series, that is.

By now you probably know of WandaVision‘s unique premise: loosely inspired by several comic book runs, the Disney+ miniseries introduces a familiar suburban idyll in which Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and her new husband Vision (Paul Bettany) have arrived, one that eerily resembles a classic 1950s American sitcom à la I Love Lucy or I Dream of Jeannie. But the eerie part doesn’t start to set in until well into the first episode, which is refreshingly committed to playing the sitcom part as straight as possible. The commitment to the bit may be irritating for longtime Marvel fans, but it makes the long game feel all the more rewarding.

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WandaVision Trailer

The first Disney+ series from Marvel Studios that takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is WandaViaion. The series starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany as the superhero couple Wanda Maximoff and Vision will debut with two episodes on January 15, but critics have already seen the first three episodes of the show and have taken to social media with their initial reactions to the series. It sounds like there’s quite an intriguing mystery in this unique and ambitious series, so let’s take a look at the WandaVision early buzz to see what people think so far. Read More »

doctor who revolution of the daleks review

For the past two seasons, Doctor Who has been going through an identity crisis. What kind of show is Doctor Who now? What kind of character is Jodie Whittaker‘s Doctor? The answer has constantly eluded us, even 22 episodes into showrunner Chris Chibnall‘s era. Russell T. Davies’ era was the campy family soap. Steven Moffat’s was the fairy tale adventure. And now, as we head into a new year and the 3rd season of Chris Chibnall’s era (13th overall), we still have no idea what kind of show our beloved, ever-changing sci-fi series is aiming to be.

But the show has been slowly improving since Whittaker first fell into a Sheffield train car in “The Woman Who Fell to Earth.” A rocky season 11 gave way to a more entertaining, if still overstuffed, season 12 that ultimately ended on yet another uncertain note: a lore-altering twist that piled yet another identity crisis onto a show that was still trying to figure out what it was. The latest episode, “Revolution of the Daleks,” which follows up the game-changing season 12 finale “The Timeless Children,” embodies both the strengths and weaknesses of the past two seasons. It’s a mostly solid 2020 New Year’s special with way too much exposition and some promising glimmers of character conflict and development, that tries to make up for a lack of identity with a lot of nostalgic callbacks to the Davies era. We get it, Jack, you’re immortal.

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his dark materials aesahaettr review

One of my favorite things about His Dark Materials is how it starts off as a fun children’s fantasy with an occasional smattering of theological rage and despair, before it goes full-tilt “If God exists, why don’t we kill him?” “Æsahættr,” the finale of the extremely successful second season of His Dark Materials, is all about that turning point. After a rousing penultimate episode last week, His Dark Materials delivers on revelations and fateful meetings with the season 2 finale, which marks the beginning of the end of this grand story.

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Cobra kai Season 3 Review

At a time where so many properties are getting sequels or reboots decades after the fact, Cobra Kai stands out by surpassing all expectations and becoming not only a great continuation of The Karate Kid, but a nuanced piece of commentary on the franchise and its legacy. After a shocking cliffhanger and an agonizing delay as the show moved from YouTube to Netflix, Cobra Kai builds up to a crane kick of a climax with another knockout season.

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his dark materials malice review

His Dark Materials is nearing the end of its second season with an episode that feels very much like the set-up for the finale next week. (Originally set to run 8 episodes like season 1, an extra filler episode set to catch up with James McAvoy’s Lord Asriel was scrapped due to the coronavirus pandemic.) But that’s not to say there isn’t anything to enjoy from “Malice” — far from it, in fact. Yes, the penultimate episode of season 2 is a lot of build-up, but boy, is it effective at ramping up the tension, stakes, and thrills to sky-high levels.

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Kristen Wiig Hosted Saturday Night Live

Kristen Wiig closed out last season of Saturday Night Live with the final episode of season 45 that was remotely produced with the cast contributing sketches from their homes during the coronavirus pandemic. But she came back to close out 2020 the right way with the final episode of the year. Not only was it full of festive funniness, but it had some great original sketches on top of the return of a couple of Wiig’s favorite characters. Even musical guest Dua Lipa got in on one of the best sketches of the night.

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The fifth season of The Expanse doesn’t have much protomolecule action going on in it. In that regard, it’s different from season 4, where the crew of the Rocinante found themselves thousands of light-years from the solar system on a planet rife with ancient alien technology. 

But even though the protomolecule doesn’t directly interact with humans this season, it still remains the impetus of everything that comes to pass in the series’ latest 10 episodes (or the latest nine episodes, at least; the number that was made available for this non-spoiler review).

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his dark materials the scholar

What makes a good villain tick? His Dark Materials is full of morally gray baddies, the most interesting of which is Ruth Wilson‘s Mrs. Coulter, a fiercely intelligent and ruthless opponent for Lyra, ever since our young heroine was taken under the wing of the woman she would learn was her mother. But “The Scholar” gives us a little more insight into Marisa Coulter, a woman with just as many deep regrets and a deep yearning for freedom as anyone else.

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