Solar Opposites Recording Booth

Solar Opposites arrived on Hulu last month and quickly became the most-watched original program on the streaming service to date. The animated series from Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland and writer Mike McMahan follows four aliens who are stranded on Earth waiting for a living super-computer called the Pupa to evolve and terraform the planet to give their entire race a new home.

While you’re waiting for new episodes of the series to arrive, you can watch “the lost recordings” from the first season of the show, where the main cast members Justin Roiland, Thomas Middledith, Sean Giambrone, and Mary Mack are all recording lines in the same room. This results in some hilarious improvisation, including a bit about some baby biscuits that may have run its course pretty quickly. Watch the Solar Opposites recording session below.
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A Goofy Movie Honest Trailer

It’s the 25h anniversary of A Goofy Movie this year, and we already celebrated earlier this year with an oral history of the original song “I2I” by the one and only Powerline. But since it’s blockbuster summer, albeit without any summer blockbusters in theaters, the folks behind Honest Trailers wanted to show their love for the delightful animated hit from 1995 by poking fun at it a little bit. So watch the A Goofy Movie Honest Trailer and get ready for plenty of hyuck-ing around. Read More »

Shrek 2 Honest Trailer

If there’s one franchise that hasn’t aged as well as some of its animated counterparts, it’s the Shrek franchise. Chock full of dated pop culture references and animation that looks uglier than other animated movies that came out around the same time, these movie also got worse as they went on.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Shrek 2 is a big step down from its predecessor, and with the benefit of hindsight, that makes it even worse since the original Shrek isn’t quite as good as you might remember either. We’ll let the Shrek 2 Honest Trailer take it from here, even if they’re a little more complimentary of the sequel overall. Read More »

How Birds of Prey Should Have Ended

Birds of Prey didn’t get quite the box office reception that Warner Bros. Pictures was hoping for, but it was far from the failure that some made it out to be. In fact, Birds of Prey is one of the better offerings in the DC Extended Universe, and it’s largely thanks to the lively direction of Cathy Yan, and the continued incredible performance of Margot Robbie as one Harley Quinn.

At the same time, Birds of Prey does have some moments that maybe could have used a little polishing. In fact, when you look at how Birds of Prey should have ended, you’ll see that maybe things didn’t have to be nearly as complicated as they ended up being. Read More »

The Fifth Element Honest Trailer

The filmography of Luc Besson has gotten progressively worse. But we’re thankful that the 1990s allowed him to give us one of the most entertaining sci-fi movies of the decade: The Fifth Element.

Long before Thanos came around, a priest, a taxi driver, a corporate boss, and a supreme being were all looking for stones that would give them the power to save the world. If that sounds like the start of a joke, well, it kinda is, because this movie is downright silly when you try to describe it to anyone. And as The Fifth Element Honest Trailer points out, somehow the hero and the villain of our movie never meet. Read More »

The Simpsons 2020 Commencement Speech

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the graduates of the class of 2020 aren’t getting their traditional commencement ceremonies. But because of that, countless celebrities have stepped up to give virtual commencement speeches to inspire the next generation of great thinkers who can hopefully save us from the hell we’re experiencing now.

YouTube has put together a whole assembly of videos from famous faces called Dear Class of 2020, and The Simpsons chimed in with some encouragement. Well, at least Lisa Simpson did. The rest of the family kinda phones it in, literally and figuratively. Read More »

Twister Honest Trailer

As if there wasn’t enough to worry about right now, don’t forget that it’s tornado season. And since there aren’t any new blockbusters hitting theaters, there’s no better time to take a look at Twister, one of the biggest hits of 1996.

Tornadoes are destructive cyclones that can tear apart entire buildings, but before they form, there’s just some regular old weather in the sky, doppler radars to check, and wind to stare at. Seriously, how did Twister make storm chasing so exciting? It seems by having a ragtag ensemble cast and a lot of weather jargon. The Twister Honest Trailer breaks it all down below. Read More »

Friends Honest Trailer

So no one told you it was gonna be this way. Your job’s a joke, you’re broke, your love life’s DOA. And since coronavirus has us stuck at home in fear, it hasn’t been our day, our week, our month, or even our year. But now Friends can be there for us all over again now that the entire series is back in a streaming library. Now the show you used to watch for free, and then paid to watch at Netflix, is available to pay for all over again on HBO Max. Capitalism! Read More »

Henry Cavill Added to Shazam

Fans of the DC Extended Universe as created by Zack Snyder have gotten a lot of good news over the past couple weeks. Not only is Zack Snyder’s Justice League getting released by HBO Max, but apparently Man of Steel star Henry Cavill will be sticking around as Superman, albeit in an uncertain capacity.

Now that Henry Cavill has been confirmed to continue playing Supes, fans have been asking for something else. They want director David F. Sandberg to add Henry Cavill’s head to the previously faceless cameo made by The Big Blue Boy Scout at the end of the Shazam! last year. Well, ask and you shall receive, because that’s exactly what the filmmaker has done. Check it out below and have your Superman dreams come true. Read More »

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LAIKA Animated Fight Challenge Video

Following in the footsteps, or rather the punches and kicks, of the Boss Bitch Fight Challenge, the stop-motion animation studio LAIKA has created their own rendition of the viral TikTok video sensation that has taken the internet by storm. The video begins with LAIKA’s first big screen character Coraline being thrust towards the camera to knock back a Funko POP from The Boxtrolls, and that’s where the animation kicks in, featuring clay, cows, cubes of ice, lemons, and much more taking shots at each other. You can watch it for yourself below. Read More »