Max Evry

Boston University
Movies, TV, Toys, Books, Comics
  • Max has been in the movie journalism field for over 15 years.
  • He has held many positions at sites, including news, features, graphics, editor, video editor and managing editor.
  • He has a great love of film and the process of filmmaking, with a deep, extensive knowledge of both the history and the process of making movies.


Max Evry has been a movie journalist for over fifteen years. Outlets have included MTV, Shutterstock, AM New York, The Dissolve, Vulture, Fangoria and over a decade at where he eventually served as managing editor. He also has a degree in Film Production, and has had several films in festivals. He currently lives in Brooklyn with his wife and daughter.


He has a degree in Film Production from Boston University, which gave him background in both hands-on filmmaking techniques and the history behind it.
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