Clips Round-Up: Danny Trejo Is A Superhero In Green Ghost And The Masters Of The Stone & More! [Exclusive]

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In this edition:

  • Green Ghost and the Masters of the Stone
  • Code Name Banshee
  • Sniper: The White Raven
  • Accepted
  • The Good Neighbor
  • Rubikon
  • Cryo

Green Ghost and the Masters of the Stone

First up we have an exclusive clip from the superhero comedy "Green Ghost and the Masters of the Stone," directed by award-winning filmmaker Michael D. Olmos ("Filly Brown," "Mayans") and starring Charlie Clark, Danny Trejo ("Spy Kids," "Machete," "Dora and the Lost City of Gold"), Elpidia Carrillo ("Predator," "Predator 2"), Sofia Pernas ("Blood & Treasure," "Age of the Dragons"), Kuno Becker ("Goal"), Renee Victor ("Snowpiercer," "Coco"), Jesse Garcia ("Narcos"), and MMA fighter Marko Zaror. The film will be available on VOD from Gravitas Ventures on June 28, 2022.

Here is the official synopsis: 

In a Texas border town, car salesman Charlie (Charlie Clark) moonlights as a masked Lucha libre wrestler going by the name "Green Ghost." When unknown assailants arrive seeking an otherworldly emerald, Charlie discovers that he has super powers. As he learns to fight from the unconventional Master Gin (action film legend Danny Trejo), Charlie is told that he's part of a secret warrior "triad of light" with his childhood friend Marco (Kuno Becker) and Marco's sister Karina (Sofia Pernas) led by La Nana (Renee Victor). Together, they've been chosen to protect humanity from Drake (Marko Zaror), the embodiment of the Mayan apocalypse. As a stargate is opened in a Mexican pyramid, Drake seeks the power to destroy humankind — and Charlie, linked to the power of the emerald, is the only one who can stop him. Charlie must harness both his physical and mystical strength to save humanity and go from Gringo to Green Ghost. 

Code Name Banshee

Next, we have the action film "Code Name Banshee," in theaters and on demand July 1, 2022 from Screen Media. The film is directed by Jon Keeyes ("The Survivalist," "Rogue Hostage") and stars Academy Award nominee Antonio Banderas ("Pain and Glory," "Indiana Jones 5," "The Mask of Zorro"), Jaime King ("Black Summer," "Sin City," "White Chicks"), Tommy Flanagan ("Westworld," "Sons of Anarchy," "There Are No Saints"), and Catherine Davis ("Run Hide Fight," "S.W.A.T."). 

Here is the official synopsis:

"Code Name Banshee" tells the story of Caleb (Antonio Banderas), a former government assassin in hiding who resurfaces when his protégé, the equally deadly killer known as Banshee (Jaime King), discovers a bounty has been placed on Caleb's head, which the powerful mercenary, Anthony (Tommy Flanagan) is now seeking to collect. Caleb and Banshee must put the past behind them and join together one last time, along with Caleb's daughter, Hailey (Catherine Davis) if they are to survive the secret CIA plot that threatens to destroy them.

Sniper: The White Raven

"Sniper: The White Raven" is inspired by true events, co-written by sniper Mykola Voronin and created with support from the Ukrainian government and the participation of members of the Ukrainian armed forces and national guard. It arrives in select theaters and on digital July 1, 2022.

Here is the official synopsis:

After suffering a senseless tragedy at the hand of invading soldiers in the Donbas region in 2014, a former Ukrainian physics teacher renounces his peaceful way of life and seeks revenge. Upon joining the military and earning a coveted spot as a sniper, he sets his sights on an elite Russian sniper whose elimination could change the tide of the conflict.


"Accepted" is the upcoming American education documentary that was a favorite of 2021's Tribeca Film Festival. It offers a unique and intriguing look at the world of Ivy League college admissions and the true cost of getting that first foothold into elite American society and will be released on July 1, 2022 in theaters and on-demand from Greenwich Entertainment.

Here is the official synopsis:

Four high school seniors in rural Louisiana attend T.M. Landry, an unconventional K-12 school housed in a sparse warehouse made famous for sending its graduates to elite universities like Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. The students aim to meet the intense expectations of Mike Landry, the imposing founder of the school who charts a relentless course towards their college dreams. When the New York Times publishes an expose on Landry's controversial methods, the school buckles under the scrutiny. Each senior is left to contend with uncomfortable truths about their school and the college admissions system, and decide for themselves what they are willing to do to be accepted. Accepted offers a unique and intriguing look at the world of Ivy League college admissions and the true cost of getting that first foothold into elite American society. 

The Good Neighbor

"The Good Neighbor" is a psychological thriller starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers ("Vikings," "The Tudors," "Bend It Like Beckham"), Luke Kleintank ("The Man In The High Castle," "Crown Vic"), Eloise Smyth ("Harlots," "The Frankenstein Chronicles"), and Bruce Davison ("Willard," "X-Men"). The film is now in theaters and on demand.

Here is the official synopsis:

In "The Good Neighbor," a nightmarish evening in Latvia unfolds when neighbors David (Luke Kleintank) who has just been reassigned for work as a journalist work and Robert (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) accidentally hit a woman on her bike and flee the scene of the crime. When the women's sister arrives searching for the truth, Robert does unspeakable things to protect their secret. The film is a remake of the German thriller, Unter Nachbarn, which marked Rick's feature film debut. Coming full circle, Rick now revisits his Hitchcockian thriller ten years after the making to terrify American audiences with the same question: "How well do you know your neighbor?"


IFC's sci-fi film "Rubikon" arrives in theaters and on demand Friday, July 1, 2022, and we have a cool exclusive clip!

Here is the official synopsis:

2056. A toxic cloud of pollution has swallowed the earth, killing untold numbers. The world's nations have dissolved, with all power now in the hands of giant corporations. The rich retreat to sealed biodomes while the poor choke and starve. On the space station Rubikon, Hannah (Julia Franz Richter), Gavin (George Blagden), and Dimitri (Mark Ivanir) weigh the fate of the planet's survivors. Should these crewmembers risk their own lives on a rescue mission to the surface, or ignore the old world to build a new one of safety and solitude, living off the station's sophisticated algae symbiosis system? Against the vast canvas of the cosmos, three people with different worldviews debate their moral responsibility to the species, all while grappling with the timely agony of isolation.


Finally, we have an exclusive clip from Saban Films' sci-fi thriller "Cryo," which is now available in select theaters and on demand and digital June 28, 2022.

Here is the official synopsis:

Sometimes the real nightmare is being awake. Five scientists awake from a cryogenic sleep and find themselves trapped in an underground facility. With no memory of who they are or how long they've been asleep, they begin to realize they may have been part of a scientific experiment gone wrong. After a series of strange events, the scientists find themselves being hunted. They do not know who is hunting them or for what reason, but the scientists begin to suspect that one of them may be the killer.