BJ Colangelo

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Los Angeles, California
Western Illinois University
Cult Cinema, Coming-of-Age Teen Girl Movies, Adult Animation
  • BJ is an award-winning filmmaker known for her shorts "Labrys," "Margaret," her feature film "Powerbomb," and her contribution to the anthology film "Deathcember."
  • She was a panelist for the San Diego Comic-Con "Queer Fear" legacy panel in 2019, El Rey Network's 'Top 5,' in 2020, and featured in the "Queer for Fear" docuseries on Shudder from Bryan Fuller in 2022.
  • BJ is a voting member of GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics.


BJ Colangelo is the Lead Evening News Editor at /Film, meaning her years of training her brain to stay up late watching movies have finally paid off. BJ has been writing professionally about film for over a decade, having been published everywhere from Fangoria Magazine,, Autostraddle, Vulture, The Daily Dot, and Shudder. BJ has contributed to the books "Creepy B****es," "When Animals Attack!," "Hidden Horror 101," "Evil Seeds: The Ultimate Movie Guide to Villainous Children," and the upcoming "Haunted Reels" from Dark Matter Ink and "Sleepaway Camp" from DieDieBooks. She also co-hosts the popular podcast, "This Ends at Prom," with her wife Harmony, during which they analyze movies marketed to teen girl audiences from the cis and transgender lens. She often serves as a jury member for film festivals specializing in horror or queer cinema.


BJ Colangelo has a B.A. in Theatre from Western Illinois University with a minor in English Literature with an emphasis on film theory.
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