BJ Colangelo

Los Angeles, California
Western Illinois University
Movies, TV, Professional Wrestling, Theatre
  • BJ Colangelo has been writing professionally about film for 12 years having been published everywhere from Fangoria Magazine,, Autostraddle, Vulture, and The Daily Dot.
  • Her work has been featured in the books 'Hidden Horror 101,' 'When Animals Attack,' 'Evil Seeds,' and 'Creepy Bitches.'
  • BJ has also been featured as a panelist on El Rey Network's 'Top 5,' and spoke at San Diego Comic-Con in 2019 on the 'Queer Fear' legacy panel discussion LGBTQ+ themes in horror.


BJ Colangelo has spent the last twelve years of her life writing about film, television, queerness, gender, fatness, musical theatre, and professional wrestling with bylines including, but not limited to, Fangoria Magazine,, Vulture, The Daily Dot, Autostraddle, HorrorHound Magazine,, Shudder, and What To Watch. She also co-hosts the popular podcast, 'This Ends at Prom,' with her wife Harmony analyzing movies marketed to teen girl audiences from the cis and transgender lens.


BJ Colangelo has a B.A. in Theatre from Western Illinois University with a minor in English Literature with an emphasis on film theory, which means she's great and overanalyzing film and being able to present her findings as loud as humanly possible.
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