Fox’s upcoming Wolverine film has not had the smoothest production process. Rumors of the studio meddling with Tsotsi director Gavin Hood have been rampant, and the general vibe from the production has been dour. Given that history, reports of extensive reshoots may be the final blow to fans of the franchise still reeling from X3.

I, however, am a bit more hopeful. I think these reshoots may allow Hood to craft the film he wanted originally, as well as to add that extra polish that X3 was sorely lacking. The initial Comic-con footage for the film looked like a cheesy 80s action film, but the full trailer showed a more epic scope and better realized action. (The Wolvie/Sabretooth throwdown already looks better than his duel with Deathstrike in X2.) The new trailer was certainly helped by John Murphy’s excellent Sunshine score, but it also does a good job at selling the film to both fans and general movie-goers alike. Read More »