We’ve known more or less for certain that another Wolverine movie was happening and that it could well take place in Japan. Over the weekend, while appearing at the Teen Choice Awards, Hugh Jackman said on stage that Wolverine would be heading to Japan, and then gave MTV a few more quotes backstage. “Japan is where we’re heading,” he said, “[and] we’re starting to work on it now. We’re in the … first steps of developing that story.” Read More »

Wolverine 2 Could Tell Logan’s Japanese Saga

Wolverine in Japan

X-Men Origins: Wolverine hasn’t even hit theaters and Hugh Jackman is already “developing” a potential sequel. And why not? Box Office analysts are already predicting a $92 million opening.

“I won’t lie to you, I have been talking to writers, I’m a big fan of the Japanese saga in the comic book,” Jackman told MTV. “However, we’ll find out beginning of May if there’s still an audience for it, if people still like the character. There’s no point in telling the story if no one wants to hear it.”

As you know, included after the credits are a series of short Easter egg endings, which 20th Century Fox head Tom Rothman admitted to IESB, “hint about what [X-Men films] are coming next.” I know that one of the endings involves the future of (possible spoiler) Deadpool, while another one features Wolverine in a Japanese bar. We already knew a Deadpool movie was in development, and there have been tiny rumblings of a Wolverine sequel. But it now becomes obvious that the Logan in Japan ending sets the stage for the next story.

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simon truckers

Earlier this week we reported that Slumdog Millionaire screenwriter Simon Beaufoy had mentioned during an appearance at the Bradford International Film Festival that he had been offered and accepted an offer to write a sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Hours later our friends at FirstShowing heard back from 20th Century Fox who claimed that “the executives haven’t talked with any writers” for the project. Now Entertainment Weekly confirms that “Beaufoy was approached by Wolverine producer Lauren Shuler Donner to gauge the writer’s interest in W2, but no formal offer was made.” So that’s the final word on the story — there was some truth to the story after all.

Moving on, the Academy Award-winning screenwriter has finally chosen his next project, and its not a Wolverine prequel sequel. Beaufoy is working on a screenplay for DreamWorks Animation’s Truckers, which THR claims is in the early of stages of development and that no character or plot information has been revealed BUT they are wrong. The film has been in development at the studio since at least 2001, originally with Shrek director Andrew Adamson attached to write and direct, but went on to helm Shrek 2 instead before moving on to the Chronicles of Narnia films. So what is Truckers about? Details after the jump.
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x-men origins: wolverine

Update: Alex from FirstShowing contacted Fox, and the studio claims the story isn’t true.

I received an interesting e-mail yesterday from a /Film reader named Adam B claiming that Wolverine 2 was in development, and Slumdog Millionaire screenwriter Simon Beaufoy was penning the script.

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Gavin Hood Wolverine

20th Century Fox and Hugh Jackman have brought Swordfish and Hitman screenwriter Skip Woods to revise (“more than a polish”) David Benioff’s draft for the upcoming X-Men spin-off prequel, Wolverine. Director Gavid Wood, whose film Tsotsi won the Academy Award in 2006 for Best Foreign Language Film, has been out promoting his new film Rendition, where online journalists have been pestering him for new information about the upcoming comic book adaptation. Hood told SuperHero Hype why he is interested in making Wolverine:

“What appeals to me about the Wolverine character of all the other characters is that my feeling that he’s the one that suffers from the most existential angst. Since I’m a guy who loves emotional complexity, it seemed to me that… when I was first approached to do it, my first thought was, ‘What? Me? Do this? What is that? I don’t know enough about comic book characters.’ And of course, I then did some further research and I realized that the character of Wolverine, I think his great appeal lies in the fact that he’s someone who in some ways, is filled with a great deal of self-loathing by his own nature and he’s constantly at war with his own nature. It seemed to me that really what it is, is that it’s a little like great Greek mythology, which is something I’ve always been in love with where the Greek Gods threw thunderbolts and Poseidon conjured up storms, but those mythological stories were designed to examine emotional truths. It seems to me that the character of Wolverine epitomizes in a modern context, a kind of great mythical tradition of using larger-than-life characters in order to play with and examine human emotion at a sort of operatic level.”

But the most interesting development came when Hood was asked if they were planning to shoot in Japan (which is part of the early years of Wolverine’s comic book origins). Hood responded:

“No, sadly no. We’re not going to Japan. “I think that will be in ‘Wolverine 2’ but I won’t say any more than that.”

Did you read that? Wolverine 2!? Looks like Fox is planning for a Wolverine franchise (possible trilogy). Filming on Wolverine begins this November in Australia for a 2008 release.

Contributing Sources: IGN, SuperHeroHype