Tom Clancy's Without Remorse Featurette

The vast bibliography of the late Tom Clancy has inspired countless film and TV adaptations, but it’s also led to massively successful video-game series like Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon. Those games, and many other military-driven shooter games, feel like the true inspiration for the new straight-to-streaming film Without Remorse. Ostensibly, this actioner starring Michael B. Jordan is meant to inspire a potential long-running franchise with the tough-as-nails John Kelly taking down bad guys worldwide without any…well, just read the title. But Without Remorse has an incredibly functional, bland storytelling approach, making it as soulless as a cutscene from one of the many Clancy-inspired video games.

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Tom Clancy's Without Remorse Featurette

Tom Clancy‘s tales of espionage stretch from the pages of his many novels to the light of the silver screen, not to mention a franchise of video games and a TV series. Now the author’s recurring character John Clark is about to have a bigger presence in media, courtesy of Michael B. Jordan in the upcoming film adaptation Without Remorse.

Originally picked up by Paramount Pictures, Amazon Studios snagged Without Remorse and will be releasing it through the Amazon Prime video service at the end of the month. To help hype the action thriller for longtime Tom Clancy fans, a new Without Remorse featurette has arrived online to talk about how the character of John Clark is being brought to life in this movie in a refreshing way while also staying true to what fans love about him in the book. Read More »

Without Remorse Trailer

Michael B. Jordan is not going to let an international conspiracy keep him down in Without Remorse, a new action thriller based on Tom Clancy‘s book of the same name.

Without Remorse finds Michael B. Jordan playing John Clark, one of the most popular recurring characters from the world of Tom Clancy’s espionage novels. In a story that plays out like John Wick meets Clear and Present Danger, Clark loses his family in a brutal attack by a squad of Russian soldiers seeking retaliation for a top secret operation he pulled off. Now he’s out for revenge, and he’s seeking out the assassins…without remorse. See how intense things get in the new Without Remorse trailer below. Read More »

without remorse trailer

Amazon Prime Video already has John Krasinski as Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, and now they’re ready for a new Clancy hero – Michael B. Jordan as John Kelly in Without Remorse. Based on Clancy’s book of the same name, Without Remorse is a film that finds Jordan playing a U.S. Navy SEAL who uncovers an international conspiracy while out for revenge for the murder of his pregnant wife. Watch the Without Remorse trailer below.

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without remorse release date

Amazon has set a Prime Video release date for Without Remorse, the Tom Clancy thriller starring Michael B. Jordan, after acquiring the former theatrical release from Paramount Pictures. The announcement of the film’s streaming debut comes just as Jordan’s production banner Outlier Society has expanded its first-look deal with Amazon.

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Without Remorse amazon

Amazon Studios is reportedly in final negotiations to acquire Without Remorse, the Michael B. Jordan-led action thriller based on the novel by Tom Clancy.

Paramount currently holds the distribution rights to the project and had a theatrical release planned for later this year, but if the deal goes through, Amazon is expected to drop the movie directly onto its Amazon Prime Video service. A shift to Amazon would also put this new movie alongside the company’s Jack Ryan series, which stars John Krasinski and is also based on a Clancy property. Could this open the door for a crossover? Read More »

Without Remorse release date

After Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit failed to make much of an impact at the box office, Paramount is gearing up to venture into another corner of that fictional universe with Without Remorse, a new film focused on a character that was also created by author Tom Clancy. The spy thriller, which stars Michael B. Jordan (Creed, Black Panther), was initially set to hit theaters this September, but now Paramount has bumped it into the release slot previously held by Venom 2 (before that superhero film gained its glorious new title). Read More »

Without Remorse Teaser Trailer

Michael B. Jordan has upheld the legacy of Apollo Creed and taken on the king of Wakanda, and now he’ll dive into the world of Tom Clancy in Without Remorse, an adaptation of the book of the same name that focuses on one of the author’s recurring characters. The first Without Remorse teaser trailer has arrived, and while it doesn’t really feature much footage, it does promise an intriguing mystery set in the heart of the military. Watch below. Read More »

Without Remorse cast Bell Turner-Smith

Update: Variety reports that Queen and Slim star Jodie Turner-Smith has also been added to the cast. She’ll play Karen Greer, “a possible love interest to Jordan’s character.” In the Tom Clancy literary universe, Admiral Greer (played by James Earl Jones in three movies and Wendell Pierce in Amazon’s Jack Ryan series) recruited both Jack Ryan and John Clark/John Kelly. Karen Greer could be a relative, although she doesn’t appear in the books or previous movie/TV adaptations. Our original story from September 17 continues below.

While most of us would probably rather forget that Fox’s 2015 Fantastic Four film exists, we’re about to see two of that movie’s cast members reunite. Former Ben Grimm/The Thing actor Jamie Bell is the latest to join the Without Remorse cast, meeting up with former Johnny Storm/The Human Torch actor Michael B. Jordan, who’s leading the new spy thriller for Paramount. Learn about Bell’s role in the upcoming film below. Read More »

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michael b jordan amazon

Not content to simply dominate the big screen, Michael B. Jordan will be taking over the small screen as well. The Creed II star has just signed a first-look television deal with Amazon that comes just as his next starring vehicle Without Remorse receives a 2020 release date. The Michael B. Jordan Amazon deal comes on the heels of yet another first-look deal that the actor signed with Warner Bros. Just another step for Jordan to continue his total domination f Hollywood.

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