High Score Review

There are numerous video game documentaries out there. But the problem with a lot of them is they’re either not so easy to find on streaming services or physical media, aren’t very well-produced, or they only focus in on one small sector of the gaming world (though those can also be very good). Netflix is here to solve all of those problems with their outstanding new limited documentary series High Score.

High Score is a six-episode documentary series that takes a look back at the golden age of video games from the 1980s through the mid 1990s. Stretching from arcade classics to console hits and computer breakthroughs, the series shines a light on the milestones and innovation that spanned the first couple decades of video games. But the series really takes off when it shares the spotlight with some of the lesser known pioneers who haven’t gotten much glory for their contributions to the industry and the players whose lives were changed by video games in more ways than one. Read More »