Hit the jump for a mixed bag of small screen odds and ends, including:

  • See more pics of Mad Mikkelsen in Hannibal
  • NBC announces some other midseason premieres
  • Sandy has not delayed Louis CK‘s SNL appearance
  • Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Renner will host SNL
  • The Gallaghers are Shameless as ever in the new teaser
  • Did you know Ben Affleck almost directed Homeland?
  • Now Nicholas Sparks is getting into the TV game
  • FX’s Wilfred gets renewed, switches showrunners
  • FNL‘s Peter Berg is developing a Greek god drama

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Elijah Wood fans have lots to be happy about today. First up, he’s set to star in The Late Bloomer, the directorial debut of frequent Wilfred director Randall Einhorn, which tells the true story of a 30 year old man who goes through puberty in a matter of weeks. In addition, Wood has teamed up with Daniel Noah and Josh C. Waller to form The Woodshed, an independent production label that’ll produce and distrubute genre films.

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As the Bluths and the Munsters prepare to come back to TV, it looks like SAMCRO and the MacLaren’s gang may be on their way out. After the jump:

  • Here’s Michael Cera on the Arrested Development set
  • More details on the Munsters reboot Mockingbird Lane
  • Modern Family‘s adults get their raises, kids want the same
  • FX renews Louie and probably Wilfred and Justified
  • Anger Management gets Martin Sheen, many more episodes
  • FX’s Sons of Anarchy will likely end after Season 7
  • How I Met Your Mother will treat Season 8 like it’s the last
  • … which means releasing a new original soundtrack, apparently
  • CBS unveils posters for Elementary, Vegas, and more

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There’s been a number of overseas shows being adapted for US audiences recently—we posted the trailers for two of them just the other day—and now here’s another one to add to the pile. FX has picked up Wilfred, a remake of the acclaimed Australian series about “an introvert who struggles to find social and professional happiness, until he meets ‘Wilfred'”, his attractive next door neighbor’s Australian Shepherd. To everyone else, Wilfred is a dog, but to the introverted Ryan (played by Elijah Wood), Wilfred is a man dressed in a dog suit. Wilfred is “Ryan’s alter-ego intent on pushing Ryan out of his shell,” or as described by series showrunner David Zuckerman (co-developer of Family Guy), he’s “part Australian Shepherd, part Russell Crowe on a bender”.

The series was developed by Zuckerman, who also wrote the pilot. Jason Gann, co-creator of the original show, is reprising his role as Wilfred. FX has ordered 13 episodes based off the pilot, set to premiere summer 2011. [Ain’t It Cool, Deadline, The Live Feed]

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