westworld episode 4 promo

So far, Westworld season 3 hasn’t given us any time with William, AKA the Man in Black, played by Ed Harris. But that’s about to change with episode 4, which brings the character back – and shows that he’s in pretty poor shape. In the Westworld episode 4 promo below, Dolores talks about justice, the Man in Black stumbles around a messy room, and Maeve looks on as stuff explodes.

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Westworld The Absence of Field review

Westworld season 3 seems to hit its stride with its third episode, “The Absence of Field.” It’s certainly the best episode of the season so far, featuring a killer performance from Tessa Thompson, and more insight into, uh…INCITE. We finally see what it is that draws Delores and Caleb together, and we also learn a bit more about what the hell new big bad  Engerraund Serac is up to. And those are just some of the things that happened this week on Westworld.

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The most recent episode of Westworld, “The Winter Line,” took us to a whole new park – one set-up to resemble Nazi-occupied Italy. The official name of this locale is Warworld, and a new Westworld season 3 featurette goes behind-the-scenes and focuses on all the tiny details that went into creating this new park. Watch it below, unless you haven’t seen the episode yet. Then maybe wait.

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Westworld Game of Thrones cameo

If you’re watching Westworld this season, you probably noticed a big cameo on the most recent episode – one that effectively had HBO’s current sci-fi series cross over with Game of Thrones. This crossover was a long time coming – the parties involved starting talking about it back in 2016. So how and why did it finally come together? Learn more about the Westworld Game of Thrones cameo below.

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westworld the winter line review

After a strong premiere episode that felt like a soft reboot, Westworld returns to its roots with the second episode of season 3. And while some may welcome the return, the end result was a bit of a wash. The show is quickly falling back into old habits, dumping tuns of cryptic exposition on our heads and forcing Thandie Newton to call people “darling” every ten seconds. To the episode’s credit, it doesn’t keep us dangling for too long, and actually provides us with some answers – something past episodes have struggled with. But is that enough? Let’s find out what happened this week on Westworld season 3.

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westworld season 3 viral marketing

In this edition of TV Bits:

  • Queer Eye renewed for season 6.
  • Meet the new Baby-Sitters Club.
  • Great British Bake Off adds Matt Lucas as co-host.
  • Check out a featurette from The Plot Against America.
  • Watch the trailer for Insecure season 4.
  • Westworld creators want at least one more season.
  • Ava DuVernay’s DMZ pilot has wrapped.

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Westworld season 3 episode 2 images

Westworld is back, and if you’re still on board with the mysterious sci-fi show and want more red hot content, we’re here for you. Some official images from the second episode, “The Winter Line”, are now available, and they feature several players who didn’t make an appearance in the premiere. Check out the Westworld season 3 episode 2 images below!

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Westworld Season 3 Reading Guide

The much-anticipated third season premiere of Westworld dropped this Sunday, and while there’s still a lot we don’t know about what’s in store for the rest of the season, one thing is certain: we will have to wait another week to find out what happens next.

A week can be a long time, especially when a lot of us will be spending more time at home than usual. And while there is plenty of other things to watch on TV, if you’re looking for a different entertainment outlet and a bit more of that Westworld feeling, don’t fret—there are books! Several sci-fi stories capture the vibe of HBO’s Westworld. You can start with the obvious one—Michael Crichton’s 1974 eponymous screenplay—but there are many other books out there that will also help you scratch that “sentient human-like robots live among us and maybe want to destroy us and/or indirectly teach us what humanity actually means” itch. Read on for some book suggestions to get you through the week before the next episode. 

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westworld season 3 premiere ratings

People across the globe are stuck inside right now, which means that TV watching is reaching an all-time high. But apparently, not even quarantines and self-isolation were enough to boost the season premiere of Westworld. The numbers are in, and they reveal that the Westworld season 3 premiere ratings were down 57% from the season 2 premiere. The twisty, somewhat confusing season 2 seemed to frustrate many viewers – and it looks like that frustration has translated into alienation.

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Toy Story 4 Storyboard Comparison

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In this edition, see how the storyboards for a Toy Story 4 sequence with Ducky and Bunny compare to the final cut in the movie. Plus, check out some Easter eggs, hints and more you might have missed in the third season premiere of HBO’s series Westworld, and listen to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker co-star and Oscar nominee Richard E. Grant break down his career. Read More »