‘Elfquest’ Movie May Come Back to Life as an Indie

Wendy and Richard Pini created the comic series Elfquest decades ago, in 1978, and the indie fantasy title stuck around through many changes in the comic publishing business. It wasn’t even always 100% indie, as Elfquest is one of the very rare properties to be published by both Marvel and DC: Marvel’s Epic imprint republished early stories in the mid-’80s, and DC licensed the characters in 2003, for a four-year run.

That DC run featuring the elf cast and their adventures on a primitive world set up a possible movie through Warner Bros. But just as DC’s deal for the characters ended, WB cut the project loose at the beginning of the year. But now the elves might go back to indie status, as producers of an Elfquest fan film say they’ve got a shot at making a feature.  Read More »

It’s a sad day for comic book fans, as we get updates that suggest two long-gestating adaptations, David Fincher‘s The Goon and Rawson Thurber‘s Elfquest, are no longer happening. Sure, they could get revived somewhere down the line — crazier things have happened — but if I were you, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Hit the jump for updates.

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