the batman release date

Warner Bros.‘ controversial day-and-date release experiment will end after this year. After shattering the traditional theatrical release model with their decision to debut the entire 2021 Warner Bros. slate simultaneously in theaters and HBO Max, WarnerMedia confirmed they’re going back to traditional theaters-only releases in 2022.

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HBO Max is Somehow Still in a Stalemate With Roku

hbo max ad plan

Is HBO Max on Roku yet? It’s the resounding question that has followed the WarnerMedia streaming service since it launched in May, and the answer will be “no” for quite a bit longer. Despite the looming debut of Warner Bros.’ biggest theatrical movies on HBO Max, WarnerMedia and Roku are still at a standstill regarding HBO Max’s launch on the streaming device. And neither are showing any signs of budging.

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Justice League investigation

Who could have imagined that a Justice League movie would still be generating this many headlines three years after its release?

The film, which has for years been the center of a loud conversation about Zack Snyder‘s “Snyder Cut,” is now also the subject of a retroactive investigation by WarnerMedia, the parent company of Warner Bros. and DC Comics. WarnerMedia is evidently investigating abuses of power made during the making of the movie – abuses which Cyborg actor Ray Fisher suggests were overlooked during the merger of Time Warner and AT&T. Read More »

theatrical model

Since being forced to shut down last month, the American movie theater industry has suffered untold losses and remains on shaky ground. So when an executive for AT&T, which owns one of the biggest movie studios in Hollywood in Warner Bros., says that WarnerMedia is “rethinking” its theatrical model, it will likely be a cause for even more concern for those in the already-struggling exhibition community. Read More »

Warner Max

When studios offload movies to streaming services, the effect can be the same as if the films were sprayed by a skunk: they carry with them a bit of a funk that can be difficult to fully shake off. But as every major movie studio develops its own streaming service, it may help to circumvent that stigma by making sure audiences know that most of the original films on that service were made specifically for that service instead of just being “dumped” there as a last resort.

Enter Warner Max, WarnerMedia’s new feature film production arm which is devoted solely to ensuring that the upcoming HBO Max streaming service “has a steady stream of high-quality and highly curated original films.” Find out more about the company’s new division below.
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Abrams WarnerMedia

Last week, it was announced that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker director J.J. Abrams signed a contract to move his Bad Robot Productions over to WarnerMedia, where he’ll write, produce, and direct films and TV shows for Warner Bros., HBO, and the upcoming streaming service HBO Max. Now some additional information has emerged about the terms of that deal, which explain why Abrams rejected a reported $500 million offer from Apple and chose to take much less money to work with WarnerMedia instead. Read the details below. Read More »

Abrams deal

Update: Variety’s initial report indicated that this deal was worth $500 million, but it turns out Abrams and his team actually took less money – around $250 million – to work with WarnerMedia in order to have the freedom to be able to sell projects to other outlets as well as produce content for WB and HBO Max. Our original article follows.

Late last year, studios began vying to sign a “megadeal” with J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot Productions which was valued at around $500 million. Disney, Apple, and WarnerMedia were reportedly the top contenders, but since Abrams has been working with Warner Bros. TV for the past thirteen years, WarnerMedia ended up winning out in the end. After months of hammering out the details, that megadeal has now been officially finalized, and you can read about what it’ll mean for the future of Abrams and Bad Robot below. Read More »

Update #3: AMC has joined CBS and NBC in threatening to pull production out of Georgia locations if the state passes the controversial and restrictive abortion law currently being considered. This would be another huge blow to the state’s revenue since The Walking Dead has set up home base since the show’s beginning back in 2010. The series no longer takes place in Georgia, where the story started, but production still takes place there so much that many major cast members have their own houses there. Get the full story over at Forbes.

Update #2: Sony Pictures has also weighed in, saying it will “continue to monitor that process” as it makes a determination about whether or not to film in Georgia in the future. You can read the studio’s statement here.

Update: In a statement to Deadline, WarnerMedia has also said it will consider pulling its productions from the state of Georgia. Read the company’s statement below. Our original article follows.

We operate and produce work in many states and within several countries at any given time and while that doesn’t mean we agree with every position taken by a state or a country and their leaders, we do respect due process. We will watch the situation closely and if the new law holds we will reconsider Georgia as the home to any new productions. As is always the case, we will work closely with our production partners and talent to determine how and where to shoot any given project.

Disney may halt production of its films and TV shows in Georgia if the state enacts its controversial abortion law, Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger said.

A ban on abortion that Georgia’s Republican governor signed into law earlier this month has been cause for much uproar in the film industry, which has flocked to the state for an enticing tax credit offered to film and TV productions. But the abortion ban, which is due to take effect on January 1 if it survives court challenges, has caused several of the 455 productions that shoot in Georgia to pull out of the state. If Disney, which films many of its Marvel Studios productions like Avengers: Endgame and Black Panther in Georgia, were to pull its productions, it would be a major blow to the state’s economy.

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Love Life

Director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) has lined up a reunion with his A Simple Favor star Anna Kendrick. The two will team up again for Love Life, a new romantic comedy anthology series for WarnerMedia’s upcoming streaming service. This marks the latest case of rom-coms continuing their comeback in the age of streaming. Learn more about the new show below.
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Remember when Friends fans were panicking last year because it looks like the staple NBC sitcom would be removed from Netflix? The streaming service spent around $100 million to keep the exclusive licensing rights to stream the show through 2019. However, Netflix likely won’t be the exclusive streaming home to shows like Friends and The Office for much longer. That’s because the media companies behind them are starting their own streaming services, and Netflix might have to share the rights to some of their most popular shows. This could really shake up the streaming scene and end up being something either really bad for Netflix, or really unfortunate for new streaming services. Read More »