sony hbo max deal

Warner Bros. made history – and a lot of people angry – when they announced they planned to release their upcoming 2021 theatrical slate directly to HBO Max. While the idea is appealing to those who want to view big new movies from the safety of their own home, cinephiles worry that this might signal the death of the theatrical experience. On top of that, creatives – filmmakers, actors, and beyond – are feeling betrayed and annoyed.

Having these titles available to stream could impact box office (the films are still getting theatrical releases the same day they hit HBO Max), which in turn could hurt people financially (lots of actors and filmmakers get an extra payday depending on how well their film does at the box office). To add insult to injury, many of the people involved with the upcoming 2021 Warner Bros. titles say they were never told WB was planning on doing this.

Because of all of this, it looks like the Warner Bros. decision might be benefiting rival studio Sony.

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