After the billion dollar, international success of the first two Transformers films, it seems like a no-brainer that Hollywood would jump on an adaptation of the cult 1980s TV show Voltron. It too has large robots getting into big battles, plus it’s got strong themes of friendship and teamwork. For years, we’ve heard about scripts that are flying around town, seen concept art from the films (such as above thanks to Joblo) and much more. Now, we’re hearing that a bidding war for the finally red-tape free rights to the franchise is heating up, lead by Relativity Media. There’s a new cartoon set to premiere and, if all goes well, there might be a movie within two to three years. Read more after the break. Read More »


We’ve reported over the past couple years that Transformers had seemingly created enough giant robot movie momentum that Voltron, the Americanized edit of a 1981 Japanese animated series in which robot lions form a giant super-robot, would get a movie of its own.

That’s no longer the case which, given the quality of the Transformers films, might not be a bad thing at all. Read More »