Writer/director/editor Vera Drew was recently given the opportunity to lend her “dark, weird, and kitschy” editing style to Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America. The satirical comedy series from Showtime follows various Cohen characters as he speaks with individuals about culture and the current political climate. The series is nominated for three Emmys, including Outstanding Picture Editing For Variety Program, which marks Drew’s first nomination. 

Drew’s diverse background in filmmaking has allowed her to thrive as an editor, director, and writer. Her skills in each medium informs the others, which makes her a well-rounded and sought-after talent. She was able to rise quickly in the business while working with Tim and Eric’s Abso Lutely Productions, and has continued to work on projects such as The Eric Andre Show, Check It Out with Steve Brule, and other offbeat Adult Swim comedies.

/Film had the opportunity to speak with Drew about her first Emmy nomination as well as her recent decision to publicly come out as trans. Drew opens up about how coming out affected her already-established place in the industry, and why it only made her work more authentic. From her her enticing horror ideas to exciting upcoming projects, here’s a glimpse at Vera Drew’s past, present, and future in Hollywood…

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