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I quite enjoyed Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries reboot, but I had one specific complaint: it needed more ghosts. One of the hallmarks of the original Unsolved Mysteries were episodes devoted to ghostly encounters, and sadly, the first six episodes of the revival had zero (it did have a UFO episode, though). Thankfully, it looks like the next six episodes – which don’t have a premiere date just yet – will include at least one episode devoted to the supernatural, although it’s going to be “unusual,” according to executive producer Terry Dunn Meurer.

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new unsolved mysteries tips

In addition to terrifying kids in the ’90s, the original Unsolved Mysteries would also encourage viewers to “help solve a mystery” by calling the appropriate people with tips. This would even lead to updates on the show, where host Robert Stack would interrupt a story with his voice as smooth and dark as barrel-aged bourbon. “Update!” he’d cry, and then fill us in on what unsolved mystery had been solved since we last heard about it. Netflix has revived Unsolved Mysteries for the streaming era, and it looks like those updates have come with it. Almost two-dozen credible tips have flooded in about certain episodes, and citizen detectives on message boards are pouring over the cases in search of the truth.

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unsolved mysteries trailer

Unsolved Mysteries is back. The TV series that gave us the creeps from the late 1980s and early ’90s has a new lease on life courtesy of Netflix, the show’s original creators, and the producers of Stranger Things. Sadly, Robert Stack – unquestionably the most memorable host the show ever had – has long since passed away, which means we won’t be able to be blessed with his soothing-yet-creepy voice narrating these strange tales. But that doesn’t mean the new Unsolved Mysteries isn’t worth checking out. Watch the trailer below.

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unsolved mysteries reboot

Unsolved Mysteries, the classic show in which Robert Stack told us all about serial killers, missing people, UFOs, and ghosts, is getting a reboot for Netflix. Shawn Levy, producer of Stranger Things, will oversee the Unsolved Mysteries reboot, which will once again focus on the unexplained and the mysterious. This could be very cool – but it just won’t be the same without Robert Stack.

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“I’m not about to stick my hand up in no place where I cain’t see,” says a desk cop in the new trailer for Okie Noodling 2, a new documentary on humans in Oklahoma who stick their hands down the mouths of mutant-like catfish, muscle them to shore in a fit of pirouettes (and mud and blood) and brag about it.

As seen in director Bradley Beesley’s cult documentary from 2001 (scored by the Flaming Lips), the process is called “noodling,” and the sequel examines how the backwoods phenomena is currently vying to take over baseball via YouTube and insomniac TV (alongside other “sports” like UFC, Tumblr and competitive eating) as America’s favorite past time. The trailer conjures the brilliance of Heavy Metal Parking Lot and many will find these two minutes more terrifying than premature glimpses of Jaws or Unsolved Mysteries at age six. Dumb IRL fun or Freudian nightmare? The bizarre title screen at the end offers no sane answers, just cartoon blood.

Okie Noodling 2 screens at the Alamo Ritz in Austin, Texas on July 7th (today) at 7 p.m., and at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon on July 25th. For info on the DVD, go here.

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