The Unmatched board game series has been the geeky gift that keeps on giving. Each new set and expansion – whether it’s a licensed box featuring Jurassic Park or Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters or built around public domain icons like Dracula, Sherlock Holmes, King Arthur, and Bigfoot – has deepened the game, adding new gameplay options and mechanics. It’s been a delicate balancing act for the design team at Restoration Games. How do you build upon a game system that works because it is so simple and easy to learn, even when each new character tends to play so differently?

The latest set answers that question. Unmatched: Little Red Riding Hood vs Beowulf feels like the next evolution for the series, pushing the card play in thrilling new directions without breaking what came before. It’s a testament to how sound the core game system truly is, but also a mission statement for the future of the game.

You can check out new photos from the game, as well some additional thoughts on the whole package, below.

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