Cop Out Red Band Movie Trailer

Cop Out

I’m a huge fan of Kevin Smith, and have loved every movie he’s released thus far (yes, even Jersey Girl). But the first trailer for his new film, a buddy cop comedy which he didn’t write, Cop Out, had me worried. I’ve read the script, and thought it was mildly entertaining, and I was hoping that Smith would elevate it to something more. The first trailer had me disappointed, and I wasn’t the only one. The only person I’ve talked to that was excited about the trailer was Alex from FirstShowing, and that’s not a joke at his expense, that just happens to be the truth. It just didn’t feel like a Kevin Smith film, but maybe that’s the point?

Kevin Smith’s red band internet-only movie trailers are notoriously better than the green band counterparts. So when I was informed that the red band trailer for Cop Out was available on MySpace, I was excited and nervous. Could this cut of the trailer do what the previous version failed to do? Or is the the dud that some people feat it will be?

Okay, so it isn’t a home run. It didn’t hit it out of the park. It is no Last Airbender Superbowl tv spot. But this trailer was enough to restore my faith in the film. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Watch the trailer after the jump and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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New Photos: Alice in Wonderland and Cop Out

Cop Out

Disney has released the first official photo of Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter from Tim Burton‘s Alice in Wonderland, and Warner Bros has released a high resolution version of the Entertainment Weekly preview photo for Kevin Smith‘s Cop Out the we previously featured on the site in low res. Both photos can be viewed after the jump.
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Kevin Smith's Untitled Cop Movie

Kevin Smith‘s buddy cop comedy A Couple of Dicks finally has a new title. As you probably know by now, since the start, Warner Bros has been pushing to re-title the film so that they could more easily market the film in all areas. The working title for the film was A Couple of Cops, which I personally thought was horribly uncreative, and completely lacking of the double entendre that made the original title so interesting and funny.

So what is the new title? Well…

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First Look: Kevin Smith’s A Couple of Dicks

[No photo]

Kevin Smith‘s R-Rated buddy cop comedy A Couple of Dicks began filming in New York this week, and a few photos from the set have begun showing up online. The first photo, above, comes from accidentalsexiness, and features Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis in a car. After the first day of shooting, Smith tweeted “Bruce & Tracy are so good together, you’d think this was the sequel.” More photos after the jump, including a look at Morgan dressed in a giant cell phone costume and the film’s production logo.
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Kevin Smith Talks About A Couple of Dicks

a couple of dicks

If you haven’t yet listened to the Special Watchmen Review Edition of /Filmcast, you should do so now. Kevin Smith joined the crew and to geek out in depth about the “unfilmable” comic book adaptation. Smith’s next film, A Couple of Dicks, will be his first feature film based on a screenplay that he also didn’t write. Our conversation with Smith was “Dicks”-less, but Lee Stranahan recently sat down with Smith and was able to get him to talk about the upcoming action cop comedy starring Bruce Willis and Tracey Morgan. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The script is “definitely an R-Rated Film” with “salty language in it, but not a Hard R”
  • Warner Bros was considering making it as a PG-13 movie (which might explain the brief “A Couple of Cops” title change) but Willis, Morgan, Smith and WB head Jeff Robinov decided it would be better as an R-Rated comedy
  • “It meant a lot of us had to give up a bunch of our salary to make this movie, that’s how passionate we are about the flick.”
  • “It just feels like a grown up movie for me”
  • “You could go after the Gran Torino audience with this movie, and that is a totally different audience than I’ve ever played to.”
  • “The budget of the movie is NOT huge.”
  • “For anyone who says ‘He just sold out, he’s just going for the buck — I’m making less to make this movie than I did on Dogma, which is a movie I made 10 years ago and didn’t make a lot of money.”
  • “That’s the way I think the business should be run. Everyone should take the risk and then if it pans out, we all get rich.”
  • Smith says Robinov hired him because this is a movie about “two dudes talking to each other” and his visual chops are now “up to snuff”
  • “There are some action sequences in it. On the grand scale of things, not action sequences on the scale of Zack Snyder composes. Butthere are action sequences which are a little more than I’ve composed.”

Watch the video interview after the jump.
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