the bonfire of the vanities tv series

Chuck Lorre, best known for creating Two and a Half Men and co-creating The Big Bang Theory, is taking on slightly different material than we’d typically expect of him. The TV mogul is behind a new adaptation of Tom Wolfe‘s The Bonfire of the Vanities. Almost 26 years ago, Brian De Palma directed Tom Hanks and Bruce Willis in a disastrous adaptation of Wolfe’s novel. Wolfe’s story isn’t returning to the big screen, but you may be able to stream it one day.

Below, learn more about The Bonfire of the Vanities TV series.

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I wonder if they’ll film it on Duke’s campus. Gasp. The last time Tom Wolfe, the dainty literary dandy, had one of his novels adapted to the big screen it proved disastrous (1987’s The Bonfire of the Vanities), but THR reports that video director (U2, Avril Lavigne) Liz Friedlander will helm I Am Charlotte Simmons, Wolfe’s “shocking” depiction on the American college experience. Released in 2005, Simmons plunges the titular, naive “country girl” into the shark-infested waters of fictional Dupont University, where she’s quickly schooled in the ways of promiscuous sex, rich kids and Duke-esque vapidity.

Friedlander’s feature work is limited to the 2006 Antonio Banderas dance-off Take the Lead, so who knows how the film will play out. Wolfe’s novel was humorously and notoriously panned, one of those works that can wreck an otherwise respectable and showoff-y book collection. The horror! Screenwriter John Watson (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves) will adapt and produce. This has the potential to be the Any Given Sunday of college films more so than The Rules of Attraction, and hopefully Wolfe cameos as a white-clad dean or distinguished white-clad professor.

Discuss: What young actress should play the corrupted country bumpkin Charlotte Simmons? What’s the most accurate depiction of your college years on film?