Tintin 2

If you’re a fan of Steven Spielberg‘s animated adventure The Adventures of Tintin, and have longed for a sequel, here’s some good news. Spielberg says the long-awaited sequel is still happening, and that Peter Jackson will direct. Great snakes! More on Tintin 2 below.

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With all the work put into the three Hobbit movies, and Peter Jackson‘s own comments about wanting to follow the Hobbit films with smaller movies that are based on New Zealand-sourced stories, it seemed like Tintin was being hung out to dry. Wasn’t Jackson going to direct the second film featuring Herge’s blond young reporter?

He was, and still is. Asked about Tintin during a red carpet event, Jackson says it’s just that little trip to Middle-Earth that has put the mo-cap film off. Read More »

It’s been a year and a half since the first Tintin film was released, but the partnership between Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson may still be on track to return to theaters in a couple years. While Peter Jackson, who will direct the mo-cap footage for the next Tintin film, is pretty busy with two more Hobbit movies, he said last year that he would shoot the mo-cap work this year.

And now Steven Spielberg has commented on the developing film, and says the plan is still to have the next movie done by Christmas 2015. Read More »

Peter Jackson‘s latest film is just about to hit theaters, but with the expansion of The Hobbit adaptation into a trilogy, he’ll still be a busy guy for the next couple years. While the next two films are shot (mostly — there will probably be some additional shooting at some point) loads of post-production work remains to be done on the second and third Hobbit chapters.

So where’s he going to get the time to make another film?

During a press stop for The Hobbit, Jackson said he would shoot the base mocap footage for the second Tintin film sometime next year. Read More »