Oh, good. So this week, Frankenstein films are the new Snow White/Wizard of Oz/etc. We’ve got news on two Frankenstein-related projects that have both moved forward today.

Matt Reeves moved from director of interest thanks to Cloverfield to something approaching A-list status with Let Me In. He’s certainly lining up a few high-profile genre projects, and the latest is This Dark Endeavor, an adaptation of the Kenneth Oppel ‘young Frankenstein’ novel that Summit optioned not too long ago. The other is The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein, which Sam Raimi‘s Ghost House pictures is producing. That one just hired playwright David Auburn to script. More detail on both, as well as vague updates on several other Frankenstein projects, after the break. Read More »

The latest young adult novel to be optioned by a studio seeking Twilight style success is Kenneth Oppel‘s This Dark Endeavor. In this case, it is Summit, the Twilight studio, that has actually picked up the option, and sparkly vampire veteran Karen Rosenfelt will produce.

The book is about a young Victor Frankenstein who tries to save his gravely ill younger brother Konrad by finding the materials needed to create the Elixir of Life. Eventually, it sets up the story for Mary Shelley’s classic Frankentein. Read More »