A couple weeks back we presented the teaser trailer for a movie called L, which is directed by Greek filmmaker Babis Makridis and co-written by Dogtooth and Alps writer Efthimis Filippou, and shot by Dogtooth cinematographer Thimios Bakatakis.

The teaser trailer was appealingly odd (well, appealing to me, anyway) but word about the film has been pretty quiet out of Sundance. Now there is a full trailer, and it does not make the film look any more squarely ‘normal.’ In fact, if this trailer is an accurate representation of the movie, L is pretty out there. Check it out below. Read More »

Yorgos Lanthimos got our attention with Dogtooth — hell, he got the world’s attention with the film — but he isn’t the only person responsible for that film and its follow-up, Alps.

Efthimis Filippou wrote both Dogtooth and Alps, and Dogtooth was shot by Thimios Bakatakis. Now there is L, directed by Babis Makridis and co-written by Filippou and shot by Bakatakis. The film is a Sundance entry, and has the tagline “What is the best vehicle in the world? A movie about walking.”

Now there is also a teaser for L; it certainly displays the deft touch that Bakatakis has with lighting. And for those who are fans of Dogtooth, there is an odd sensibility here that will prove instantly endearing. Read More »