future of theaters

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has gone on for nearly a year now, and movie theaters and exhibition chains have been closed for almost as long. And though everything has been spelling doom for theaters since Day 1 of the pandemic, many have managed to stick around — while the same discussion over their survival is made over and over again. The latest filmmakers to chime in on the future of theaters are Paul Greengrass and Ang Lee, both of whom have wildly differing perspectives on whether exhibition as we know it can survive.

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chinese cinemas

The movie theater industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, and many theaters are continuing to sustain significant body blows due to their doors being closed. In China, a new report says that as many as 40% of Chinese cinemas could be forced to permanently shut down due to the coronavirus, providing an awful preview of what may be in store for American cinemas as well.
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vegan food

Will providing a vegan food option at movie theaters in Los Angeles help save the planet? City councilman Paul Koretz thinks so, and he has the data to back him up. Citing several studies that draw a connection between the production of animal products and the negative effects of climate change, Koretz has introduced a motion that would require large entertainment venues, city parks, airport restaurants, and movie theaters to require vegan options for customers. Read More »

Roma Theatrical Release

Alfonso Cuaron‘s acclaimed drama Roma is doing more than shaking up the Oscar race, it’s potentially shaking up Netflix’s entire approach to exclusive theatrical releases. After making a hard stance on day-and-date releases, Netflix finally conceded this year by granting its Oscar darling Roma a three-week theatrical release ahead of its streaming debut, alongside two other Oscar contenders, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs and Bird Box.

But the question remained: Would this be a one-time thing to help Netflix score a much-coveted Oscar? Or could Roma‘s potential success change the business model for Netflix theatrical releases as we know it? The latter is entirely possible, as behind-the-scenes at Netflix, filmmakers are already reportedly jostling for “the Cuaron treatment.”

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