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Here’s a unique and bold take on the theatrical distribution model. Director Morgan White is offering up copies of his documentary The Rep to any theater willing to play it, free of charge. They keep 100% of the profits.

The film is about a fading niche of theaters that show only older, classic films. You can see a trailer here and read more here, as well as below. Read More »

Here’s some great news about two films centering on repertory theaters. Last year, we highlighted Morgan White‘s documentary called The Rep which uses the story of three friends who started a theater in Toronto to contextualize the state of the rep theaters today. Well that movie is now done, has a new trailer, poster and is being submitted to festivals. You can see it all after the jump.

Then last week, you might remember, one of the theaters featured in The Rep, the New Beverly in Los Angeles, had another movie possibly being made about it. It’s called Out of Print and the director, Julia Marchese, only had a few more days to reach her Kickstarter goal making the project a reality. That has now happened. Two documentaries about cinemas coming soon to a cinema near you. How meta and cool. Read more below. Read More »

No matter how many times you’ve seen a movie, you’ve never truly seen it unless you’ve seen it on the big screen. Cinema was created to be seen in a theater with a group of people. It’s an experience. An event. And with modern technology, that cultural legacy is slowly slipping away. Not at repertory theaters, though.

Repertory theaters are theaters that primarily show classic movies the way they were meant to be seen. On the big screen. You’ve read about a bunch of them here on /Film. The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas. The New Beverly in Los Angeles, California. Film Forum in New York. These theaters, among others, build a reputation on showing fantastic old movies every single night. These days, though, people care less and less about old movies and repertory theaters are struggling to stay afloat.

That’s the focus of an in-production documentary called The Rep. Originally conceived as a web series, it’s now being developed into a film about three friends who attempt to start a repertory theater in Toronto while exploring some of the best ones from around the continent. Featuring interviews with Kevin Smith, Edgar Wright, John Waters and more, you can watch a trailer after the jump. Read More »