Coming 2 America Cameos

This week brings Coming 2 America to Amazon Prime, and it’s already an overstuffed affair, with Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall and almost everyone from the original returning for another round. Murphy and Hall are also playing multiple characters again, just as they did in the first movie, but there was once an idea that would have had Murphy playing more characters in a single film than he ever has before. Eddie Murphy revealed that The Nutty Professor family The Klumps were once slated to be in a scene, creating a massive comedy crossover. Read More »

the nutty professor remake

How many reboots of Eddie Murphy reboots does the world need? Enough to fuel the workload of Project X Entertainment, the team behind the upcoming Scream revival which has set its eyes on a piece of classic comedy IP: The Nutty Professor. Project X Entertainment’s James Vanderbilt, William Sherak, and Paul Neinstein are looking to develop another The Nutty Professor remake, the latest version of the classic Jerry Lewis comedy that Murphy rebooted in the ’90s.

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