Even as Austin-based cinema chain Alamo Drafthouse continues its expansion into new markets across the country, its distribution arm Drafthouse Films is heading right to your front door. The label has just launched a new subscription club called Drafthouse Alliance, which gets members a series of Drafthouse Films Blu-ray (or DVD) releases delivered right to their houses in exchange for a flat fee. If Drafthouse Films’ taste in movies tend to coincide with yours, it’s a pretty sweet deal and a great way to support their efforts. More details after the jump.

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This is the week The Hunger Games officially takes over the world. Try as we might to fight the system, we can’t escape – that is unless we kill every last one of you.

As I’m writing this I’ve yet to see HG, but I know I’ll dig it because the concept of deadly competition is one I find endlessly fascinating. How does one form allegiances with others when each party knows that there can ultimately be only one victor? I don’t know. It’s also why I don’t work in an office anymore.

There are a number of movies that deal with this topic, so let’s get cookin’ with this week’s TBMYPHS. Note: I’m not including The Running Man. You’ve seen it already, I hope. (I’m also not including Planet Hulk.) Read More »

Exclusive: Character Posters For ‘The FP’

This is the point where I admit that I really don’t ‘get’ The FP. The film from the Trost Bros appears to be some sort of view into a world where The Warriors and Rocky were funneled through a Dance Dance Revolution machine. Somehow, what emerged is a story of “the deadly arena of competitive dance-fighting.” It’s a comedy, but one where everyone involved seems to be really, really determined to play for a strange, hardcore set of laughs.

All of that means that the Drafthouse Films release might not be for everyone, but the people who do like it are probably going to like it a hell of a lot. I’m very interested to see if the full film follows through on the very odd premise.

We’ve shown you the film’s trailer and even the first ten minutes. Now we’ve got three exclusive character posters showing a trio of the film’s most important combatants. And, should The FP look like a movie that is right up your alley, you can now start to use the Tugg movie booking service that we recently highlighted to set up a local screening. Read More »

Watch The First 10 Minutes of ‘The FP’

The FP has been on our radar for almost a year when it first premiered at South by Southwest 2011. The 2012 version of that festival is now just around the corner and, finally, the Trost BrosDance Dance Revolution action comedy is getting a proper release on March 16 ( you can get the full theater list here.) If you’re still on the fence as to whether this wild film is for you, click below and watch the first 10 minutes of the movie. Read More »

Good news for those eager to find out exactly why Benicio del Toro is picking on Blake Lively in that first image from Savages: Universal has just shifted the opening date for Oliver Stone‘s latest from September 28 to July 6. Savages is the only film currently scheduled to go up against Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man, which hits three days before on Tuesday, July 3. It’s a bold move on the studio’s part, but it may also be a smart one — Savages could be ideal counter-programming to the comedies, actioners, and superhero flicks due out around the same time this summer.

Based on a book by Don Winslow, Savages stars Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson as a pair of small-time pot dealers who get roped into working for a Mexican cartel that kidnaps their shared girlfriend (Lively). The impressive cast also includes Uma Thurman, Salma Hayek, John Travolta, Demián Bichir, and Emile Hirsch.

After the jump, new release dates for Clint Eastwood’s Trouble With the Curve, Drafthouse Films’ The FP, and lesser known Oscar nominees Bullhead (also from Drafthouse Films) and Chico & Rita.

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One of the most buzzed-about films out of this year’s South by Southwest was the Trost BrothersThe FP, which screened as part of the SXFantastic series. The offbeat indie takes place in a retrofuturistic, post-apocalyptic world in which gangs settle scores via video-game dancing (think Dance Dance Revolution). Going by the trailer, it seems to be every bit as weird as the premise would suggest.

Now Drafthouse Films has stepped up to distribute the film, which means that the non-festivalgoers among us will finally get a chance to see what everyone else was talking about. Read more after the jump.

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‘The FP’ Trailer

With South by Southwest now in the books, it’s time the people who weren’t there to do an inventory: what got picked up, what didn’t, what do we need to keep on our radars and what can we forget about. One of the films that piqued many people’s interest and really set off a lot of discussion was The FP, which was programmed by Fantastic Fest as part of the SXFantastic series.

Described as “Mad Max” meets “The Wizard,” this very tongue-in-cheek film by The Trost Brothers is about a world where scores aren’t settled through violence, they’re settled through video game dancing. Yes, like Dance Dance Revolution. If it sounds insane, that’s probably because it is. We’re sure to have more on The FP as the days go on but, as of now, check out the NSFW trailer after the jump. Read More »

The latest batch of posters from Mondo, the retail outfit associated with the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin TX, is all over the place. Mondo is doing posters for several films playing the SXSW Film Festival in Austin next week, and we’ve already seen images for Paul, Moon and Source Code. Now there are two new SXSW posters: Hobo With a Shotgun and The FP, the latter being a film that premieres at the fest.

And then there is a great image for Steven Spielberg’s early classic, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Check out info on all the designs after the break. Read More »