Jennifer Lawrence in The Dive

James Cameron has talked about making The Dive for many years. The film would follow the story of free diving couple Francisco “Pipin” Ferraras and his wife Audrey Mestre, and the record-setting attempt that claimed Mestre’s life. Back in 2012 Cameron fully backed away from The Dive as director, but he remains on as a producer and driving force for the film.

Now Francis Lawrence, director of three of the four Hunger Games movies, has signed on to direct his Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence in The DiveRead More »

Back in 2008 and 2009 James Cameron talked here and there about directing The Dive, a film centered around the love between free divers Francisco “Pipin” Ferraras and his wife Audrey Mestre, and the record-setting attempt that claimed Mestre’s life.

But thanks to other commitments Cameron has backed away from directing the film and will now act in a producer capacity as Martin Campbell (Goldeneye, Casino Royale, Green Lantern) occupies the director’s chair. Read More »


Jon Landau has collaborated with James Cameron in producing both Titanic and Avatar and, with a bit of luck and a following wind, will go on and collaborate with him further in the future. But on which projects, exactly? Talking to the French magazine Le Film, Landau has given some indication of which pictures Cameron is planning to tackle next: his long awaited manga adaptation Battle Angle Alita, underwater romance The Dive and even a sequel to Avatar.

After the break, how Landau pitched the premise for that follow-up to this year’s most hyped movie.

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James Cameron told the Hollywood Reporter that he wants “to do something a lot smaller” after Avatar.  It is possible that Cameron’s next project could be The Dive, about the romance between controversial Cuban free diver Francisco “Pipin” Ferreras and Frenchwoman Audrey Mestre. Based on a true story, Mestre became a free diver under his guidance, and went on to break several world records before dying in 2002 while competing. Ferreras was featured in the 2001 Imax documentary Ocean Men: Extreme Dive.

“It’s a drama, a love story,” Cameron said. “This will require underwater photography, which will look gorgeous in 3-D.”

Sounds well and good, but I was kind of hoping that with Avatar Cameron would be making his return to the genre of Sci-Fi/Action. I understand his fascination with the deep,  I have enjoyed what he has done in the educational documentary space, and I respect what he is doing for the technology of 3-D filmmaking, but I think it’s time for Cameron to return to what he’s good at. It’s like when Michael Jordan left Basketball to play Baseball… And look how that turned out. Imagine if Cameron made a supehero flick or a video game adaptation how much he could elevate those genres. I understand he doesnt need to mae those type of films. And I also understand that he probably enjoys working under water and with the new 3D technology, but the world would be better serviced with another T2-caliber sci-fi/action film.

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