The latest film from Spike Jonze is Scenes From the Suburbs, a 28-minute short created in collaboration with members of the recent Grammy winners Arcade Fire. Bandleader Win Butler wrote the film with his brother William Butler, and the story follows suburban kids during one summer where military control of their town makes the lazy days more aimless than ever. Win Butler narrates the trailer for the film, which you can see after the break. Read More »

It’s been a good year for both fans of Spike Jonze and the band Arcade Fire. The director has released a wonderful short film, I’m Here, and a great video for the LCD Soundsystem song ‘Drunk Girls.’ Even better, he was reportedly working on a secret sci-fi short film with the Arcade Fire.

Now there’s a video for the band’s song ‘The Suburbs,’ directed by Mr.  Jonze, which seems to excerpt from that short. More info and the video are after the break. Read More »